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Last week, we discussed the heavy topic of the economy, how it’s changing the design industry, and what that means for your business. In
We’ve spoken before about how the design industry is changing and evolving. But beyond that, the economy as a whole is presenting new challenges,
I love the transition we experience during fall, but transitions in our lives and businesses aren’t always as pretty. I’m currently in the transition
We’re still on our topic of online courses, and today I have a very special guest. She’s created a course about a taboo topic
As designers and creatives moving through a changing world, we’re always looking for what’s next in our business. This week, I’m joined by four
The end of summer is a time for reinvention, so for today’s episode, we’re revisiting an important conversation about what it looks like to
How do you present yourself to the world through your business? Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways you can communicate your value
Today, I’m joined by a member of my Online Course Incubator program, Alisa Berry. Alisa has just created a course that is selling like
We’re fresh off the back of our four-part series about the potential end of the interior design industry, and I have the perfect interview

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