Ep #313: Burnout: Is This All There Is?

Are you feeling burned out? You’re not alone. But what if I told you it doesn’t have to hold you back? In this special two-part episode, we’ll tackle burnout head-on. First, we’ll explore how technology, specifically AI and Machine Learning, can be your secret weapon to reclaim your time and boost your income. But that’s not all! Have you ever thought about sharing your knowledge and experience with the world? The influencer community thrives on wisdom and authenticity, and guess what? You’ve got plenty of both! In the second part, we’ll dive into the exciting world of influencer marketing and show you why age is just a number. So, whether you want to reignite your passion or discover a new creative outlet, this episode has something for you. Stay tuned! 


  • [0:21] Tobi explains the topic for the day is burnout and how it can be the catalyst for reinventing yourself 
  • [4:07] Have you explored AI and machine learning 
  • [9:03] Predictive modeling will help you stay ahead of the curve 
  • [13:19] Who likes anything to do with finances 
  • [15:32] Tobi discusses being an influencer or tackling an affiliate type of marketing 
  • [22:18] Next week, we will talk about specific ways you can leverage your expertise to diversity your income stream, but Tobi encourages you to open your mind to technology 

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • Designing is not only a profession, but it can also be your identity.  
  • AI is a tool that can lighten your load and provide a great product, leaving time to invest in things you enjoy doing. Machine learning is another tool that will save time. 
  • Older influencers are thriving and are statistically followed more than their younger peers. The goal of being an influencer is to be authentic. Don’t support or sell anything you don’t believe in. 

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