Ep# 316: DesignYou 2.0: The Evolving Creative Journey 

Today, we have something special lined up for you. We will explore the evolution of our DesignYou 2.0 training program. Three remarkable participants have joined me and experienced the transformation firsthand. Over the years, this program has grown and adapted like the individuals participating. Now, we offer classes quarterly, each with a unique focus, designed to unlock your creativity and empower you to live your best life. One of the core elements of DesignYou 2.0 is our Project Fail exercise. It’s all about embracing the possibility of failure and learning from it. We often discover our greatest strengths and breakthroughs in these moments of perceived failure. Our guests will share how the program has been a stepping stone to success and how Project Fail taught that even if something doesn’t go as planned, they learned from the experience. Our guests encourage anyone ready to unlock their full creative potential to sign up for DesignYou 2.0. It’s not just a course but a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.  Until next time, keep creating, keep growing, and keep being uniquely you. 


  • [2:05] The guests introduce themselves and describe their business ventures, and Tobi explains how the DesignYou Training Program has evolved 
  • [6:25] Darci spoke about having the camera on during training 
  • [9:14] Cristina loves the accountability required 
  • [11:05] Kaitlyn points out two aspects that have been game-changing for her: Tobi’s future-oriented perspectives and mindset training 
  • [12:51] Tobi explains Project Fail, and each guest shares their tasks and projects and the growth they have experienced through this endeavor 
  • [25:44] Tobi further explains the reasons and thought process behind Project Fail 
  • [28:33] The guests talk about aspects of the training they found so valuable: accountability, achieving the goal of finishing a project, identifying your brand 
  • [37:22] Tobi talks about the structure of the programming over a year and explains how there are different paths a participant can take. Sign up for DesignYou 2.0 Tobi Fairley – DesignYou 2.0 – Get Visible 

If you’re ready to fall in love with your business again and realize its potential, then you belong in DesignYou 2.0! This program is all about taking focused action together, one sprint at a time. We’re helping you to tap into your greatest potential and battle your deepest fears while guiding you through some incredible streamlined sprints that will keep you focused on enhancing key areas of your business. Here– you won’t spread yourself thin trying to work on a million things at once. Shiny object syndrome gets nipped in the bud real quick because it’s ineffective. You won’t get stuck trying to consume a ton of information either. No, our trainings are concise and our expectation of your participation is high. We, as instructors, are challenging ourselves to guarantee you create massive impact in your business this year and we expect you to show up and do the same.  

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • During training, you are required to have your camera on. Participants are more focused and engaged; the trainer knows she is being listened to. 
  • It is important to remember that we are human as well as creatives, and we must self-care and enjoy the journey. 
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone is one of the most effective ways to realize your full potential. It pushes you to confront your fears and challenges, allowing you to discover capabilities and strengths you never knew you had. And even in the face of failure, you emerge stronger and wiser because you’ve learned valuable lessons. 

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