Ep #312: It’s Your Choice: Slow Living or The Hustle

Are you a grinder? Designers often are because we think grinding away is the only way to be successful. Is grinding sustainable? Of course, it isn’t. So, let’s talk about a different way of doing business—slow living. Join me as we discuss ways of changing our mindsets to give us space to slow down, create meaningful work, and find joy in the process. Remember, more, more, more keeps us chasing an imaginary finish line, and we never arrive because, in the design world, there isn’t an end to the projects. So, let’s define success and implement slow living. Let’s find joy in the journey while we create and do business with intention. 


  • [0:30] Tobi explains the concept of slow living vis-a-vie the hustle 
  • [3:29] Is there a better way of operating your business? 
  • [6:09] Tobi discusses what slow living is not, and she talks about being intentional 
  • [10:12] Incorporating slow living into your business 
  • [15:38] Tobi discusses the necessary mindset shift 
  • [20:07] Opening your mind to different opportunities and what is the joy number 
  • [26:48] Tobi gives an example of adding income to your bottom line and an encouragement to the listener 

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • We grind because we think it is necessary to be successful. Grinding is not sustainable. What if we changed our view of success?  
  • Slow living leaves space for self-care. It is about setting boundaries for yourself, clients, and vendors and about saying no sometimes.  
  • Slow living is not lazy, unproductive living. It is being intentional with our time and energy and finding joy in the journey.  

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