Ep #311: Creating From Abundance

Imagine a world where you ditch unrealistic timelines and an overwhelming schedule. What if, instead of feeling anxious and like a failure, you planned with honesty about how long tasks take? This, my friends, is the power of realistic time blocking so you can create from abundance and not scarcity.

By ditching the “fallacy of time optimism” (that pesky tendency to underestimate how long things take), we shift from a scarcity mentality to one of abundance. We create space for joy and accomplishment in our daily schedules and lives. Today, we’ll delve into the transformative power of realistic time blocking. We’ll explore how this approach can combat stress, empower you to control your schedule, and, ultimately, revolutionize your business experience.


  • [0:21] Tobi explains what creating from abundance rather than scarcity is
  • [5:58] What is Parkinson’s law and an example of a frustrated client
  • [15:13] Tobi encourages you to recognize you are human and not a machine, let the task take as long as it takes, and stop lying to yourself
  • [23:36] Tobi talks about being realistic in your scheduling and how her client rescheduled her life, so she now creates from abundance
  • [26:14] Tobi invites you to message her and visit with her about a coaching opportunity

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • We do ourselves a disservice when we decide that a particular task can realistically be completed in the amount of time we give it. Time Optimism! It’s not a good thing.
  • Don’t let the time of day control your activities. If you desire personal time in the morning rather than getting directly to work, take that time you need to be refreshed and joyful to create from the abundance of joy.
  • An excellent motto to frame and put on your wall is “It takes as long as it takes.”

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