We Want  to Give You Permission  to explore ALL  the possibilities.

You want to wake up every morning (without instinctively reaching for your phone) to a life and a business that gives you the option of staying in bed a little bit longer. What are you waiting for?

We’ll help you design it.

What We’re All About!

Welcome to Tobi Fairley Design, the renovation studio for creative CEOs who are ready to rethink their business so they can reclaim their time and freedom.

We’re a women-run company specializing in helping creative women (and a few really progressive dudes) become millionaires in a sustainable and conscious way.

Hi, I’m Tobi Fairley!

An Innovation Igniter and Thought Architect dedicated to helping women CEOs break out of the old and into the bold.

As a dot connector and visionary for hire, my “edge” is solving seemingly impossible problems and helping you see (and believe) what’s possible for you.

I won’t always tell you what you want to hear… but I’ll tell you what you need to hear to spark your next big breakthrough.

Oprah isn’t the only one with a list of favorites...

Here Are a Few Things That I Love!

It’s easy to forget the people behind businesses are real humans. I’m a 50 year old, Enneagram 8, Aquarius, Feminist Mom of a teen and wife of an attorney. I hope this list of things that light me up helps us connect just a little bit more.

On My Nightstand
About 20 Books, my favorite candle, Aquaphor chap stick and my journal.
In My Airpods

Give me all the podcasts!
1. Unlocking Us
2. Maintenance Phase
3. We Can Do Hard Things

My Biggest Timesaver
Time Blocking. It’s a game changer for me.
My Favorite Destinations
It’s a Tie—Blackberry Farm in Tennessee and The Sanctuary Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. But I wouldn’t hate being stranded in Florence, Italy.
My Biggest Pet Peeve

Anything related to the Patriarchy, White Supremacy, and Hustle and Diet Cultures.

Get Wrong About Me
That I’m an Extrovert. I’m an ambivert who needs TONS of alone time…Maybe that’s the Aquarius in me.
My Go-To Snack
Green Juice and Avocado Toast-Yum!
Deeply Grateful For
My Team, My Family and my lazy mornings at Home.

My own breakthrough happened when I was on the verge of a breakdown.

I’d been hustling. Grinding. People pleasing like a proper Southern gal.

Doing everything “right” for as long as I could remember.

It led me to a successful 7- figure business, glamorous magazine spreads, my own line of furniture, and a digital Rolodex that gave me access to the “who’s who” of the design world.
I had it all.

Except the one thing that mattered most to me: freedom.

Without realizing it, I had designed a business that looked amazing from the outside but was suffocating my creative spirit from the inside. At the time, it was the only kind of business I knew how to build.

And it was time for me to break it wide open.

After recovering from my own burnout and watching so many of my peers struggle to earn what they deserve and suffer knowing they did “everything right” but still can’t seem to get ahead, I decided enough is enough.

Through my work as an interior designer, certified master life coach and business coach, I’ve developed a Freedom Framework for designing the life and business you want.

Today, my mission is to help more designers build stronger, more sustainable businesses that lead you toward the health, wealth and joy you’ve longed for.

In a world designed to keep you running down a dream, I’ll help you design a business and a life that sets you free.


Want to know what we value and where your money goes?

April Force Pardoe

The Show Runner (Official Title: Chief of Operations) She/Her

Fueled by a morning workout, meditation, and two cups of coffee, April makes sure all the things on our daily to-do lists are helping us make progress toward our company vision. Before joining the team, she ran her own interior design business and managed large-scale festivals (yep, she totally rocks). When her laptop is shut down, she loves to be with her family, relax on the beach, or listen to a good podcast (Smartless, Dare to Lead and We Can Do Hard Things are at the top of her queue).

Nichol Grady

Process Whisperer (Official Title: Operations Assistant) She/Her

Nichol helps execute all the behind-the-scenes tasks, from podcast and community management to communication. She loves almost any activity that lets her celebrate her creativity, whether it’s arts and crafts, a DIY project, writing, or listening to music. If she was stranded on a deserted island, she’d bring a journal, umbrella, and a snow cone machine (wise choice).

Adrienne Meachum

Creative Genius (Official Title: Interior Design Director) She/Her

Adrienne runs our clients’ interior design projects and creates content for our coaching programs. She’s never met a space she can’t plan like a boss, and she’s got a knack for turning super high-level concepts and ideas into bite-sized, actionable content. Adrienne is a true crime junkie, amateur mixologist, and professional snuggler to her grandson Luka and her dog, Albus. At least once a day, she thinks about exercising and sometimes she even does it!

Loren Turner

Eternal Optimist (Official Title: Success Coach Manager) She/Her

Loren helps create and run our signature coaching programs. One of her many superpowers is helping people “click” with a learning style that’s right for them. It’s no wonder her friends describe her as their go-to listening ear. Loren disconnects by taking long walks, kicking butt in spin class, and cooking new recipes. Her biggest flex is that she always leaves the kitchen spotless at the end of every single day. (overachiever!)

Hi! I'm Tobi

I help creative women (and a few really progressive dudes) design profit-generating, soul-fulfilling businesses that let them own their schedule, upgrade their life and feel more alive than ever!

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