Ep #310: The Easy vs. Hard Dichotomy


I’m angry and on my soapbox today. Everywhere you turn, there is a business strategy around peddling the idea that a mere three steps can magically solve all your woes. While that notion is undoubtedly tempting, it’s also entirely impractical. One size does not fit all. However, the opposite extreme – believing everything valuable must be hard – isn’t true either. Adopting the belief that genuine value only arises by making something hard is wrong. Maybe the answer is easier than we think. Don’t miss this episode.


  • [0:2] Tobi admits she is agitated because she was trying to create something without her creative flow and also because of people selling simple solutions 
  • [4:57] Does everything worthwhile need to be hard to achieve, or do we make some things harder than they need to be 
  • [7:15] Tobi discusses people selling “How to be your best self” or something similar to the detriment of buyers 
  • [13:21] Tobi shares what she heard on Instagram and admits it made her angry and how it brought up unhappy thoughts of her childhood 
  • [17:06] Discussion of the Human Design Chart 
  • [20:37] Business is hard, and Life is hard, but some things are not, and that does not make them invaluable 
  • [24:19] Attacking others for choosing the easy way, we have been programmed to feel the hard way is the right way 
  • [27:19] Tobi leaves listeners with the challenge of thinking about the concepts we learned today 

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • Many people believe that if something has value, it should be hard. Sometimes, when good things are happening, we want to make them hard.
  • Some people who sell the concept of doing these four things and all will be well aren’t selling something that works. But people are gullible and want the easy way out, so the seller is the winner.
  • Social media would have you believe that you need to improve, that you need to change, and work toward being your best self; maybe you already are, and that type of social media or influencer is a bad influence on you, stripping away your self-confidence.

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