Ep# 317: Bring Your Best Audacious Brand to the Table

In the dynamic world of interior design, Tobi Fairley offers a refreshing perspective on brand development. Today, she advocates for brand strength and audacity – a quality that sets businesses apart in a crowded market. Tobi emphasizes the importance of standing out amidst competitors, cultivating trust and loyalty among clientele, and staying true to one’s authentic vision. With the industry constantly evolving, she underscores the necessity of adaptability for sustained success. Transitioning from a position of brand strength to audacity is the key to thriving in this ever-changing landscape, and Tobi Fairley’s course, “DesignYou 2.0,” offers the roadmap to achieve just that. Enroll now to witness the transformative results her students are experiencing, and prepare to delve into the crucial realm of visibility for both strong and audacious brands in the upcoming quarter. 


  • [0:23] Building an audacious brand to succeed 
  • [1:47] The difference between an audacious brand and a strong brand 
  • [2:57] Does your brand adapt to the changing landscape 
  • [3:25] Is your brand memorable and relevant  
  • [4:52] What is a strong brand and then you can move into the audacious category 
  • [8:59] Strong brands provide a solid foundation for growth, evolution and adaptability and open you up to collaborations 
  • [11:17] Ask yourself if you have checked the boxes. Are you a strong brand, and am I ready for audacious  
  • [11:45] Sign up for DesignYou 2.0 Tobi Fairley – DesignYou 2.0 – Get Visible 

If you’re ready to fall in love with your business again and realize its potential, then you belong in DesignYou 2.0! This program is all about taking focused action together, one sprint at a time. We’re helping you to tap into your greatest potential and battle your deepest fears while guiding you through some incredible streamlined sprints that will keep you focused on enhancing key areas of your business. Here– you won’t spread yourself thin trying to work on a million things at once. Shiny object syndrome gets nipped in the bud real quick because it’s ineffective. You won’t get stuck trying to consume a ton of information either. No, our trainings are concise and our expectation of your participation is high. We, as instructors, are challenging ourselves to guarantee you create massive impact in your business this year and we expect you to show up and do the same.  

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • To succeed in 2024, your brand needs to be authentic and audacious. Having a strong brand isn’t enough. It should stand out among all the choices customers have. 
  • We must be willing to pivot and innovate in response to changing trends and customer needs. Change can be scary, but it is necessary as the market changes. 
  • Building a business requires a strong brand, where you have built trust and credibility with clients. After you have mastered that, you must move on to an audacious brand. 

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