How to Achieve Financial Freedom

Learn exactly what steps you need to take next to achieve financial freedom as an interior designer and creative entrepreneur.

Hey there! Let’s be honest, as creatives, we’re often so resistant to digging into the numbers side of our business. To be totally transparent, I have an accounting degree, an interior design degree and an MBA—and I don’t do my own accounting! I hate to admit this, but for the first few years of my […]

Banishing Excuses

Excuses are just thoughts that will derail us every single time. But you have to become aware of your thinking in order to do it.

What’s new, creative? Today I have something special for you. When I look back at my business, there are so many things I started up and then ended up abandoning, due to a long list of excuses I used at the time. I had a retail store, inbox interiors, and so many different initiatives in […]

Why You Are the Solution to Your Client’s Problems

My guide on how to identify what you are uniquely suited to do and how you are the solution to your client’s problems

I’ve got something that you’re going to LOVE! A few years ago, I started looking at my business in a really deep way. As I looked through my online presence (my website and social media accounts), I realized that my customer couldn’t really tell what made me different. I had lots of pretty pictures, but […]

How to Make More Money in Your Business

My guide on how to make more money and increase the profits in your creative business so you can become a millionaire.

Hello there! Are you working really hard or are you hardly working? Do you even know? If you’re like me, you were filled with excitement when you started your business. And then, that excitement might start to wane when you aren’t seeing the money you hoped to make. I remember during my first few years […]

Creating Content that Converts

My guide on how to create content that converts as a creative entrepreneur and designer so you can grow your email list.

Hello friend, I was one of the first in my industry to start blogging and social media a few years back. And it got me nationwide attention! But the rules have changed now and it’s a noisy landscape out there… Do you ever feel like you should be blogging, Instagramming, making videos – doing something […]

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome & Feel More Confident

We all have imposter syndrome when we’re starting to grow. Learn how to deal with fear and have a more confident mindset.

OK I’m getting real with you this week… Have you ever felt like an imposter? If you’re like me, you probably have. It happens when you ask yourself questions like: Who am I to be charging this money? Who am I to be teaching this concept?—sound familiar? The truth is: we all feel like an […]