Making Change a Part of Your Strategy in Business & Life


Hey there! How do you feel about change? Do you avoid it? Hate it? To be honest, I’m not that afraid of change (but my husband totally is—he notices when I move a chair!) The truth is: in life and business, change is inevitable. It’s whether or not you decide to get on board with […]

Why Every Creative Entrepreneur Needs a Scalable Business

scalable business tobi fairley

Hey there Creative Entrepreneur, OK so if you own your own business, I know you can relate to this! A while back, I got to this point in my business where I had great clients. It was awesome and I was super busy. But I was spending so much time taking care of my current […]

How Your Health is Impacting Your Goals

health goals tobi fairley

How’s it going, friend? Truth: There was a time when I was constantly overworked and overstressed. To be totally honest…I was like this for years! Back then, running my own business meant long hours, not eating right, skipping exercise. Operating this way not only took a toll on my business, but also on my health! […]

Do You Need More Revenue Streams?

revenue streams tobi fairley

Hey Creative, If you’re like me, then you have a million ideas a minute. I have so many new ideas that sometimes I feel like I can’t keep up. I get ideas in the car, in the shower, at the dentist, at the doctor—I constantly have an influx of so many new ideas! Sometimes it […]

Why Adults Need Play Too


Hi friend, Hi I’m Tobi and I’m a workaholic. Seriously, I’ve been a workaholic for years. It got so bad that when I showed up to a football game with my daughter, people thought I must have retired in order to be there! Here’s the thing: I reached a point where I realize that what […]

Why You Must Have Digital Marketing


What’s new, creative? Today I have something special for you. What’s the #1 thing I see so many creative entrepreneurs missing out on? Digital marketing! Now, more than ever, there are so many amazing opportunities to connect with consumers online and use technology in your business. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, like so many people […]