Why Making 6 Figures as a Creative is Easier Than You Think

Learn how you can make six figures as a creative by following these clear and simple steps to meet your financial goals.

What’s new, creative? Today I have something special for you. Do you know how much money you want to make in your business? For most people, making 6 figures is the goal. It took me years to get to six figures and I wish I knew then, what I know now. Because there’s a few […]

Building a Website that Converts

Learn how you can set up a website that will capture new leads and grow your email list.

Hey there! Do you know the point of your website? Is it to show off all your beautiful work?! Well, that’s something most people think is true—and while showing off your experience is a part of your website, it’s not the main purpose. Your website is a business tool aimed at converting new clients. And […]

Why Business Development is a Long Game

Learn how you can create a system in your business that will help you to have consistent cash flow and connect with new clients, even when you’re busy.

Hey there Creative Entrepreneur, Ok here’s a scenario I know you can probably relate with. You’re going along with your week, everything seems to be great, you’re busy and working a lot—and then all the sudden, you need some money stat because there’s a bill you need to pay or you need to make payroll? […]

How to Get Unstuck

Learn how you can figure out exactly where and why you are stuck—and how to get unstuck and move forward so you can make more money.

Hello friend, Do you ever feel stuck? Like you can’t move forward, or even backwards—and you’re just stuck where you are? I’ve been there too. There’s always a point in our businesses and our lives when we’re going to feel stuck. We have times of growth and times when things feel stagnant. For me, one […]

Give Your Audience the Value They Really Want

Learn how to offer value to your future—and create offerings and content they’re willing to pay you money for.

Friend, I have got something for you! If you’re like me, you have LOTS of great ideas. Maybe you want to offer a new course, a one-on-one service, a subscription box, or whatever cool thing has you excited at the moment. And then you create it and put it out into the world…and no one […]

Are You a Drama Queen?

Learn how you can truly become drama-free and have a more calm, cool and collected attitude when it comes to your life and your business.

OK I’m getting real with you this week… I hate drama and I bet you do too! For years, I would pride myself on the fact that I was anti-drama, with a very “just say no to drama” attitude. Just because I wasn’t getting into spats with other people, didn’t mean I was totally drama […]