Ep #302: Introducing the “Truth Series” – The Truth Will Set You Free

Get ready to embark on the “Truth Series” at DesignYou!  I’m thrilled to kick off this journey with honesty. I genuinely believe that embracing and speaking our truth and presenting ourselves without a facade would bring more happiness and health in 2024. Today, I’ll explore why we often hesitate to be honest in various situations. We don’t have to bear the weight of someone else’s feelings. We shouldn’t adhere to the notion that we must conform to certain behaviors for others to like us – that only contributes to our unhappiness. I encourage you to join me in pondering these aspects and opening your mind to a more authentic way of living. I’ve been challenged by the topics we will cover, and I know you will be, too.


  • [0:22] Introducing the “Truth Series.”
  • [3:06] I define “speaking the truth.” What it is and what it isn’t and choosing to be a people pleaser and other decisions contributing to unhappiness
  • [9:02] I explain the difference between “our truth” and “the truth,” the emotions involved in truth-telling, and what we will learn in this truth series
  • [15:31] When I first began to understand my feelings and the vibration of unhappy thoughts
  • [19:58] I outline some of the topics to be covered in this series. Fear, perfectionism, selling, relying on others, and many more 
  • [23:01] I discuss the facade we all hide behind because of fear

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • There are many reasons we don’t tell the truth. We may not want to hurt someone’s feelings, or we may be trying to control the situation’s outcome without even realizing it.
  • Speaking the truth does not have to be done sarcastically. However, it may come off that way when pent-up emotions are released. The delivery of words and voice makes a difference.
  • Most people do not want to tell someone no. So, we become exhausted trying to work around the topic, and it would be much easier and more honest to tell them our expectations, in other words, speaking truthfully.

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