Ep #303: Truth Series – How to Connect With Your True Self

Today, I will explore how you can connect with your true self. Like any business, mine faces various challenges, including cash flow issues. In the past, my solution was to push myself to work longer and harder until exhaustion set in. However, I’ve realized that I perform at my best when I’m well-rested and replenished, which brings me joy. I choose to live with joy and truly experience my true self, and you can, too. In this episode, I’ll share how you can shift your mindset and decide to suffer no longer or feel unworthy during challenging business times. Let’s explore how to embrace truth, even when faced with financial constraints.


  • [0:22] I want to talk about how we justify not speaking our truth, and I’m going to tell you about my experiences and the progress I’ve made when finances are tight in my businesses
  • [6:15] In the past, when I had cash-flow problems, I was frantic, hustling around doing everything I could think of to earn more money
  • [9:00] Why did I think that worry and working myself to death was going to fix my cash flow and what change I made
  • [16:28] What do I mean by cycling into failure and making ourselves small
  • [23:00] I decided to choose joy and rest and accept that I am worthy
  • [27:09] I share what I learned about color and how it equates to joy and the ways we punish ourselves
  • [32:21] The bottom line of what I’m sharing today is we punish ourselves when we think we aren’t worthy

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • The mindset you have when you deal with cash-flow issues is critical. Deciding to worry is not helpful, yet we are conditioned to do that.
  • You can’t judge your success in one bad business cycle. It’s important to remember all the gifts you possess to create the business. 
  • We have to trust that if we allow ourselves to rest and replenish, we will be able to be more successful in our business and experience our best selves.

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