Ep #301: Embracing Flexibility in 2024: A New Take on Work, Leisure, and Living Fully

The year 2024 is here. Conventional wisdom dictates setting goals and rules, only to stress over them until mid-February, eventually becoming too fatigued to care. In this episode, I propose a fresh, deliberate approach to 2024, emphasizing the importance of incorporating leisure and creativity. What if we adopted the customs of the Renaissance Era? In today’s episode, we will explore the concept of “wintering,” granting ourselves permission to step back and reintroduce the notion of “moderation” into our lives. 


  • [0:21] I introduce a series that will begin next week called “The Truth,” and remind listeners of the wintering concept discussed in episode 300
  • [3:59] The benefits of wintering, an explanation of why my word of the year, “renaissance,” meaning rebirth, is my vision and why our culture needs a change
  • [10:22] My self-admission and recipe for the New Year 
  • [13:30] Examples of the different ways you can think about life, work, leisure and giving yourself permission without judgment
  • [18:53] I present a challenge for 2024 that will change your life

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • It is healthy for an individual to step back at the beginning of a new year to give the mind a chance to rest. As nature isn’t blooming all year, we should give ourselves some downtime.
  • Every January 1st, we self-impose pressure to start the year with new goals, tasks, and judgment if we fail. Why not give ourselves downtime after the busy holiday season to regenerate?
  • During the Renaissance, people did not work at a production line pace. Embracing a mindset of leisure and rest is what we should return to. Starting the new year with a list of giant goals is not healthy. Slow and steady is better.

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