Ep #309: Are You in Love With Your Life?

Have you ever felt like your hair was on fire? Do you believe you must accomplish something monumental or reach a specific milestone to validate your success? Does your “to-do list” seem like an insurmountable mountain, and dissatisfaction permeates your existence? It’s time for a change. Today, I will give you the blueprint for embracing and loving your life, and together, we’ll explore strategies for confronting those challenging days or endeavors when nothing seems to align. Join me on my joy journey, where I’m learning how to love my life. We all have choices, and I encourage you to lay aside those tasks, chores and attitudes that rob you of your joy.      


  • [0:20] I ask a profound question, “Are You in Love With Your Life?”
  • [4:13] Choosing what fills your day and how you set up your schedule
  • [8:24] I share regrets of not spending time with my daughter when she was young and experiencing hair-on-fire moments
  • [17:03] Continuing the hustle can lead to depression. You don’t have to earn your joy and leaning into your creative space
  • [22:01] The “To Do List” will rob your joy
  • [22:59] I invite you to think about the question, “Are You in Love With Your Life, and if not, What Are You Willing to Change?”

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • Everyone is busy. Sometimes too busy. The truth is that you can choose what you do during a day or a week. Make choices that give you joy and eliminate the tasks that you can. Not everything you place on your schedule is necessary. 
  • There will be moments in your business and life when you will experience hair-on-fire moments. How you think of those problems and how you address those problems determines the effect those problems have on your joy.
  • You have to make time in life for your creative space. Creativity doesn’t naturally come when you are exhausted and let your “To-Do List” run your life.

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