Ep #32: How to Make Relationships Easier

Y’all, I have an amazing team that I work with and at the moment, it just feels like everything is gelling and coming together perfectly. I’ve got 17 people on my team at the moment, and I’ve got to say, I think I’m handling 17 different relationships on a weekly basis pretty well!

What I want to explore this week is the work I’ve done on myself around how I feel about other people and my expectations of them. I’ll be sharing how you unknowingly have a “manual” for your relationships and why it can be so destructive. I know this from firsthand experience because it nearly ruined my marriage a few years ago, the story of which I’ll be sharing today.

Tune in for a really eye-opening episode on relationships and how to have the most thriving ones in your life! Doing this work changed my life for the better and I know putting this information to work is going to change yours too.

And make sure to download the Free Worksheet with the exact questions to help any of your relationships thrive.

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • How to stop making relationships harder than they have to be.
  • The work I’ve done on how I feel about other people.
  • How we create a “manual” for our relationships.
  • Why compliance is the opposite of a real connection with someone.
  • What compliance looked like in my life.
  • How to show up in your relationships as an emotional adult.
  • An exercise to help you get rid of your “manuals.”

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