Ep #31: Are You Playing the Blame Game?

Friends, I’m going to let you in on my ultimate pet peeve. As a parent and entrepreneur, this is one lesson I try to instill in my daughter, as well as my team members. It’s a scary behavior and it’s something all of us do pretty much every day without noticing most of the time – blaming others for our problems instead of taking responsibility.

We’ve been learning here on the podcast and in my coaching program, Design You, that an equation that involves our thoughts, feelings, and actions exists in everything we do, right? What I want to dive into today is why we blame others despite knowing this and why it’s detrimental to our overall happiness and success.

Tune in for a deeper understanding on how to recognize when you’re blaming and how that feels in comparison to taking responsibility! Fully grasping this concept is so freeing and will make you feel energized and empowered to keep achieving your goals!

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • One thing I teach my daughter to never use as an excuse.
  • Why blaming someone or something else doesn’t serve us.
  • How to identify when you’re blaming instead of taking responsibility.
  • 2 types of reaction we have when we play the blame game.
  • How to effectively hold others accountable for their actions.

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