Ep #260: How to Get Consistent with Your Marketing

Why does marketing seem so difficult, and how can we change our relationship with marketing so we can start running successful consistent marketing campaigns? If you want marketing to be one of those things that feels fun and easy, this episode is for you.

Just like anything else you find hard, you probably have some thoughts about marketing that are holding you back. These thoughts will come from previous attempts at marketing your services, so I’m walking you through the process of seeing why you haven’t been consistent in the past, and I’m sharing my tips and strategies for designing a marketing campaign you’re truly excited about.

Tune in this week to discover how to get consistent with your marketing. Success leaves clues, so I’m sharing how to take inspiration from other areas of your life where you’ve mastered consistency, and showing you how to get truly creative as you move through the resistance you feel around marketing.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • How to see the specific reasons why you are not having success with your marketing campaigns.
  • Some common thoughts that ruin design entrepreneurs’ experience of marketing.
  • How to take inspiration from thoughts you have around other areas of your life where you’ve created real consistency.
  • Some beautiful thoughts you could bring to your marketing that will help you create consistency.
  • The value of getting creative as you work on your consistency around marketing.
  • 2 things you need to do as you start imagining what marketing would be like if it were a dreamy process that you love.
  • How to enjoy the fun part of marketing, while outsourcing all the things that are holding you back in showing up consistently.

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Full Episode Transcript

You are listening to The Design You Podcast with Tobi Fairley, episode number 260.

Welcome to The Design You Podcast. A show where interior designers and creatives learn to say no to busy and say yes to more health, wealth and joy, here’s your host, Tobi Fairley.

Hey, hey friends, how are you? I am so, so good, well, except for these allergies. If it’s spring I’m going to sound like this, guaranteed, year after year. You could probably go to this time last year on the podcast and the year before and the year before that and I probably sound just like this because it’s spring and allergies. But anyway I’m great, I’m loving this year. We are continuing to do so many exciting things. We have a lot of new announcements coming for you soon, new ecommerce opening soon. We’ll tell you more about that I promise before long.

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So when we launch that something different in the fall you’re going to love it but if you want the chance to work with us in this exact Design You program that is a full year long and you get all of our courses and the whole entire Design System included. You’re going to want to jump in now, Design You has transformed hundreds of designers lives over the last five years and not just their lives, their businesses but their lives too. And we would love to have you join us for the last 12 months of this program because we’re going out with a bang, you all.

We do everything big. My mom says, “Can’t you do something small for once?” No, that is not me, I don’t know how to do small. I only know how to do big and we’re going out with a bang. So I’ll tell you more at the end of the episode and remind you about this but for now I want to get down to business about today’s episode but don’t forget this is your last chance to get in there, work with us for a whole year, have a success coach, coach with me every week in our group calls and get all those courses and all that stuff.

Okay, here we go. Today I want to talk about something that will keep our momentum going from the last two weeks because the last two weeks we’ve talked about reinventing ourselves which a lot of you absolutely loved. And then last week I talked about the three things that I hear time and time again that all designers want more money, better clients and to have more time, more free time, work less. So I think we should follow that up with two more really powerful episodes this week about marketing and next week will be all about sales.

Two things that designers seem to find confusing at best and really hard at worst and two things we work with people on constantly in Design You, so let’s dig in. So marketing, why does marketing seem so hard? Why do we stay so confused about it? And what can we do to change our relationship with marketing? Well, don’t worry, I’ve totally got you as always. But I want to start by showing you what you’re probably thinking about marketing or anything else that you find hard and not fun for that matter that are holding you back.

So let’s take just a second and go back in your mind to your last marketing session or attempt or even thought spiral about why you should be doing more marketing and let’s see what you were thinking at the time because I suspect it sounded like one or a few of these thoughts, something like I have no idea where to start. I hate this. Or maybe it’s, I’ve tried everything and none of it’s working, nobody’s buying, what in the world. Or maybe it’s, I don’t want any more time or money spent on marketing that never gets me clients at all or a return.

Or maybe it was, I’m not a marketing expert. This is not my forte. Why can’t someone else fix this for me? That one I’ve said a lot. Or maybe it’s something like, because if you’re like me I definitely have said this. When I start spinning in a lot of these thoughts, it moves me into this feeling of frustration and desperation and apathy. So it’s not really exactly a thought but it’s followed by a whole bunch of other thoughts about I’m done, I quit, I hate this in every possible way.

And let’s think about the last time that we created something magical from frustration or desperation or apathy, probably never. Those feelings don’t serve us very well. Those feelings don’t usually lead to breakthroughs and to big, big wonderful successful marketing campaigns. So if you’re thinking anything that sounds remotely like any of these thoughts or if what you’re thinking is bringing up feelings like frustration or desperation or apathy then we understand exactly why you’re not having success with your marketing.

So now let’s look at a totally different situation. Let’s look at something in your life that you are very consistent with, that you follow through with every single time, that feels like it comes to you pretty easily. It could literally be anything. Maybe you’re a person, now, this is not me but maybe you’re a person who’s really great at consistently working out, you never ever miss. And while you’re at the gym or doing cardio, that activity itself may not be easy or painless but the process of getting yourself up and getting yourself to go and to go work out is easy and painless.

It’s your jam, you show up every single time. You don’t even have to think about it. So if that is you or if it’s not you, think of another time that you do show up every single time and most of the time it’s not painful. What are you thinking about when you show up and just do it? Because I doubt it looks like those marketing thoughts. I doubt it’s, I don’t know where to start. I doubt it is something like I’ve tried everything and it’s not working. I doubt it is something like I’m not wasting any more time or money on this working out.

I doubt it’s, I’m not an expert. I doubt it’s, why do I have to do this, not if you’re showing up. Now, if you’re not showing up to the gym like me those are your exact thoughts, but you may have all of them. I’ve probably had every one of those. And if you’re thinking those thoughts then you’re finding an excuse to stay home or stay in bed and you’re not getting the results you want from working out, but if you are and you’re so good and consistent at it, I promise you, those are not your thoughts. You’re thinking something very positive and we want to identify what it is.

You’re thinking I love this, this is my jam, this feels so good. I’m doing something for my health. I love being healthy. I love seeing my friends at the gym. I can’t even get through my day without working out. This is the best part of my day. You’re thinking something exactly opposite of those things that make us stay in the bed. So not all of us can access the helpful thoughts about thinking of the gym because you may hate the gym.

But if the gym and marketing are in the same category and if they’re feeling like something you need to do and something you should do but not something you want to do then that makes a lot of sense. No wonder you’re not showing up in marketing. So if that’s you, and the gym isn’t where you’re consistent, I want you to find the place where you are because success leaves clues. We want to know exactly what you’re thinking in the areas of your life that you’re showing up. Is it when you do design work, you always show up and do it when you’re supposed to?

Is it following through on some hobby you love? Is it how you care for your pet or your children, you always do that, you consistently cook dinner and have it on the table every single night? Or you consistently take care of your pet like clockwork? That’s us with our Izzy, she has to have shots for her diabetes. Well, it’s not us, it’s my husband. My husband gives her, her shots consistently perfectly. When he goes out of town I completely forget.

So where are you consistent with your follow through? Because we want to know what you’re thinking because whatever thing or things you find where you’re getting those results you want or you’re following through and you’re rarely procrastinating. That is what we want to go back to in our mind and grab those thoughts. You all, it is true. I want to say it again, success leaves clues. If it’s working in one area it can be used to work in a different area. So do you have an area, did you think of something you’re really good and always follow through on and you’re consistent at?

Do you have that thing in your mind? So what is it that you think about that thing? Do you think this is my jam? Do you think this is so much fun? Do you think doing this gives me life, doing this feeds my soul? Do you think doing this is so easy I can do it in my sleep? This thing is so much fun because I can do it my way. Maybe that’s what you’re thinking. Nobody’s telling me what to do. I get to do it the way I want to do it. And maybe you think I don’t have to feel like I have to get it right. I get to just be free.

Whatever those thoughts are, those are the thoughts that we want to bring to your marketing. If the pressure is off because you’re thinking beautiful thoughts like I get to do this the way I want and that’s working for you, then let’s do your freaking marketing the way you want. Whatever works, whatever your thought patterns are and whatever those feelings are that create those thoughts around the thing you do consistently, we want to identify them.
pare them to the thoughts that we’re thinking about our marketing or maybe it’s your social media marketing that you’re not showing up for. We want to compare the two sets of thoughts and the feelings that they bring up. And we want to see what we notice. I suspect you’re going to have either an aha moment or a duh moment when you compare them. No wonder I’m not consistently marketing my business, look at these thoughts I’m thinking about it every single time.

You all, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the way you talk to yourself has a huge impact on whether you show up and whether you follow through, it matters every single time. So let me ask you point blank, do you have shitty thoughts about marketing? I bet you do if you’re struggling in that area. And even more specifically do you have shitty thoughts about making time for marketing? If you aren’t doing it, if you’re not making time for it at all then there’s almost 100% chance that you do.

So what do we do about it? Well, I think for creatives in particular we need to get to what our sweet spot is, what our wheelhouse is, being creative really is what we need to get to. I want you to get creative about what would allow you to turn this issue on its head. Here’s what I mean. It’s probably not going to work to try and force ourselves to move through resistance and just show up anyway, at least not consistently. We can do that for a few days. We can force ourselves and be like, “I hate marketing, I’ll do it anyway, I hate marketing I’ll do it anyway.”

And sometimes you have to do that and sometimes I would even coach you to do that but consistently long term not just for a few weeks, I want us to know what you need to do to change or reframe the way you’re thinking about marketing. So yeah, push through the resistance instead of procrastinating in the short run. But if you do that for long enough, maybe a few days or a few weeks, your willpower’s going to run out and you’re going to stop showing up. Because if you’re just white knuckling or kind of strongarming yourself to be consistent something will get in the way.

You’ll get busy one day, you’ll get out of the habit or stop pushing through and before you know it you will have gone days or even weeks before you’ve been consistent. So it’s a better idea for us to use our creativity and to imagine what marketing would look like if it was dreamy and fun and exciting. What would that be for you specifically? So for a bit while we’re imagining this dreamy, fun, exciting version of marketing I’m going to ask you to do two things. I’m going to ask you to suspend all your biases about time and money for a second, park those while we dream.

Because the moment you move to the practical, the pragmatic, the responsible, the realistic approach, you’re going to shut your dreaming down completely. Remember I told you this a few weeks ago when we were talking about revenue streams but it’s the exact same thing here. Any time we try to dream while we’re still thinking about things like well, I don’t have the money for that or that’ll never work or I don’t have the time for that we don’t even let ourselves fully go into the dream. So you’ve got to park the time and money stuff just for a bit.

And really dream to create truly creative and innovative solutions to our biggest challenges. That’s what we have to do. We have to at least temporarily suspend the practical side of us that is afraid to waste time and that is afraid to waste money. Okay, so if money and time were not an issue and if you were going to do the marketing where it was super fun and super creative and exciting and where you could say, “This is my jam”, okay, you may not use that word, my daughter hates when I do but you know, this is my sweet spot, this is my wheelhouse, this is my jam is what I say.

Where you were literally rocking the hell out of your marketing, what would that look like? Would you mainly do just the visionary level stuff for marketing and let someone else do all the tedious integrator, implementation, execution parts of the marketing? You all, remember that I told you on a podcast earlier this year that when I was looking for ways to be consistent with my social media posting because I wasn’t being consistent I looked to my podcast because I’m really, really consistent with my podcast. And remember, success leaves clues.

So I am so consistent with my podcast, I mean really I think about it, I’m like, “Damn I’m consistent, go girl.” 260 episodes in as of this episode over four years and I’ve only re-run an episode for about three weeks total in four years. So that means 257 weeks out of the last 260 weeks I have shown up and created a new podcast either solo or by interviewing someone. And that is hella consistent, you all, even when I have a sinus thing going on, even when I sound like this, I show up and I do a podcast.

So if success leaves clues what do I notice about showing up for my podcast? That’s what I ask myself. And mainly what I realize when I think about that is that I am just the idea person and basically what I would call the talent, the dog and pony for the show. I get to come up with the idea of what I’ll talk about or who I’ll interview. And then I record myself or me and someone else saying the stuff but beyond that I do nothing to bring the podcast to life, not a single thing to make it happen. I plan it, I record it and I drop it in Dropbox and I walk away.

And my magical team of podcast fairies because that’s what they are. Some are on my main team, my full-time team and some are on our podcast team that we hire out. But they do the editing and the production and writing the show notes and picking a cover image for it and uploading it all to our podcast hosting software and post the show notes as a blog on our website. And a whole bunch of other things like making the social media post and I don’t do anything. I don’t even get other guests’ bios or head shots.

I don’t even book them on the show myself. I might pull a few dates from my calendar so maybe, yeah, I do that but beyond that there are a dozen things that happen at least none of which I do or even have to think about. You all, if I’m being honest with myself, if I had to do all those things to get my podcast out into the world I’m not even sure I would have put out the first episode. I’m pretty sure actually I wouldn’t have. I wouldn’t have had the time or the knowledge. I would have had to learn how to do all that stuff.

I would have had to hold so much time in my schedule every week to make sure I could pull it all off. And I promise you, I know me and it would not have happened. And if it did happen it would have happened about three times. And then we would have gone two or three months before the next episode dropped. So let’s be clear, that is not how my social media was working when I was looking at my social media and wasn’t being consistent.

Now, social media isn’t all marketing but it’s a big piece of marketing in 2023 and beyond. It’s a huge piece of the marketing puzzle. So when I attempt to be consistent at social media, what I was noticing when I was studying this a few months ago is that I was playing the role of visionary, yes, I did generator, what the post was about or the reel was about. But then I was also playing the role of integrator, of implementer, of doer which means I was trying to come up with the idea, go find the images, write the caption, edit the video if it’s a reel, add hashtags, tag any relevant people.

All of that stuff that has to happen for every single post and trying to do it consistently every single day when I have a whole bunch of other jobs to do. So again with all those parts and pieces I found that there’s a really good chance that I will find it hard and tell myself it’s confusing and tell myself I don’t know if it’s working and tell myself that it’s a waste of my time and money. All of that narrative that we discovered earlier about the things we’re not showing up to do and it would have me quitting the process before I knew it every single time.

And this is what creates that sort of feast or famine even in my pipeline, my money pipeline. Inconsistent posting, inconsistently helping people, inconsistently being of value to my customers or followers or fans, inconsistently staying at the top of their mind. Because with my customers or even potential customers because my posts aren’t showing up or I’m not even posting one or I’m not writing emails.

All of that marketing stuff, if I’m not consistent then yeah, I’m going to create gaps in our pipeline and gaps in our cash flow. Because if marketing is the way we get clients, we get in front of people, we introduce ourselves to new people, we build relationships with people, if that is how we do that and I’m not doing it consistently then of course I’m not going to have consistent customers. And then of course I’m not going to have consistent cash. And this makes so much sense.

When we look at it this way it’s really hard not to understand why we aren’t getting clients. It’s really not even hard to see why we’re not being consistent and why we don’t like this job. All of the details of integrating and executing thing is what fatigues me most as a visionary. And a lot of you identify as a visionary. And if you identify more as the integrator then maybe where you struggle is the visionary piece and so you never even get started because you’re like, “I have no idea what to say. And I have no idea what my vision is for this.”

Or maybe you struggle with both but either way if you’re trying to do all of it by yourself there’s a good chance you’re going to quit. So let me show you the problem with how most creative visionaries are trying to fix this inconsistency because the way they go about fixing it also doesn’t work. Most of you try that at some point by hiring the entire marketing or the entire social media job to be done by someone else. And that might be a CMO, A Chief Marketing Officer you bring on.
It might just be a marketing assistant. It might be just a team member you delegate this to or you might hire an agency that is a social media agency or a marketing agency to help you. But this usually doesn’t work and let me help you see why, trust me. I tried to outsource the whole thing for years and I got so frustrated. I’m like, “Well, if I can’t do it and they also can’t do it, how is anybody going to do this?” So here’s what I figured out. Now, don’t get me wrong here. I am a big fan of outsourcing but it’s important that we know what parts and pieces of the process to outsource.

So most creatives I see trying to outsource marketing or social media or both try to outsource the entire job from vision to implementation and then what happens? Yeah, exactly, we are then unhappy with the results or the post or the email and why are we unhappy? Exactly, because the post doesn’t sound like us. And the posts aren’t words we would even say. And the person writing the posts doesn’t get our business or doesn’t get design or doesn’t get our style or doesn’t get our level of expertise. They don’t know what we’re hoping to accomplish.

They don’t even know which photos are our house or a client’s house or new or old. I remember having a social media person help and they posted a bedroom and they were in my bedroom and it was a client’s bedroom. And I’m like, “My followers know that. I’ve posted this before and said in my client’s bedroom.” And they know what my own bedroom looks like. So now if we’re saying, “In my bedroom.” They’re like, “That’s not her bedroom. Who wrote this post?”

So they don’t know what we’re talking about or what they’re talking about. They don’t know what we’re hoping to accomplish. They don’t know how we speak to our clients or even our friends. They don’t use our level of casual tone or formal tone. They just don’t get it. They don’t have the sass or the humor we would use. So ultimately we decide it’s just not for us. And then we often think things like this, I knew I should have done it myself or I guess I’m the only person who can do this the way I want it done so I’ll just take it back again.

And then we proceed to be inconsistent again for all the same reasons we identified before. But I want to show you that just like with my podcast you can outsource all of the implementation, that integration role, all the busy work and doing and the research and the posting and the tagging and the grabbing photos and the uploading them and all the things but not outsource the vision and the voice. So we can stay firmly in that visionary role which after all for most of us is the fun part of marketing.

It would be the dreamy version of marketing to get to just have fun planning out all the fun things we want to talk about on social media. And going and looking at all of our pretty pictures and going, “This one would be fun to talk about this idea or this would be a great one to talk about flowers in or this one I should talk about the drapes in. Or this one I’m going to talk about the details because we have that perfect little welt on the sofa.” So we pick the picture or a group of pictures or at least give some insight under which would work.

And we are the visionary for the concept of the thing, the part that was fun or is fun but then we pass the baton for all of the implementation and the gathering and the grabbing of that picture and the putting them in the app. And the sizing them and ordering them and labeling them and all of the stuff and we get the heck out of the way. And it’s a game changer, you all, a total game changer. And this is not to say that there won’t be days where it still feels kind of hard to slow down and to show up and to do the vision part, it will.

It’ll be hard sometimes to come up with ideas but it’s not hard for you in general to be creative like that. And it’s not confusing for you in general to know what that role is. You may think, I don’t really feel like looking through my pictures or looking through some other inspiration posts and coming up with some ideas and what I could talk about. But it’s not hard and it’s not confusing, you just might not want to do it. And that is totally something, if you know how to do it and you have a million ideas once you get started then we can use some of your thoughts to help move you to action.

And it’s not going to be this overwhelming job because you don’t have to do the whole thing. So how dreamy to do that part and then walk away and leave all the ‘hard parts’ and all the ‘confusing parts’ because maybe you don’t even know what a reel actually is technically and how to make it work. Leave all of that for someone else who loves that how part, who loves integration, who loves research, who loves gathering all the details, who loves busy work, who loves producing things.

That my friends will make your marketing a thousand times more consistent if you get in the habit of playing the role of marketing visionary or marketing vision but not marketing implementation. Because you can batch the vision and you can have time in your schedule or on your calendar. And if you find that you keep canceling your time for yourself to do the vision then maybe you make a recurring meeting with someone on your team, a VA, a buddy, someone to show up and sit there with you so you follow through.

There are solutions for these small reasons we don’t show up but once that vision is set for what a whole batch of posts will be or what a whole batch of emails will be about or what a whole podcast content for a month is or who you want to interview and maybe which images you envision being used. Because you painted the vision for the way you wanted it to look or the way you thought the caption might go. You’re not writing the caption necessarily. You’re giving feedback on it. Then you walk away, this is going to change the entire flow of getting marketing consistently done.

And I won’t pretend that it doesn’t take time to do the vision work, it does but there are way fewer parts in the process. There’s way fewer places for you to quit on yourself or to get stuck. And it doesn’t take near as much time as doing the whole thing. So what would it look like exactly for you if you started playing the role of marketing visionary in your company but not marketing operations or implementation or whatever word makes the most sense there for you, marketing integration, the doing of all the stuff?

I think you would be surprised at not only how much fun you could weave into the organic and creative and just exciting way you start to show up and connect with your audience. I love that part. I’m so proud of myself when I put social media out that’s fun, that start a conversation with people and that I then get to have all these conversations and chats and laughs and connections with people in my DMs. You could also design this process so that you promise to forget the ‘trying to get it right’ part because trying to get it right would no longer be your responsibility exactly.

Your team could even research and say, “When you did this video, Tobi, and sent it over and we made it into a reel, people loved that. Do more of that.” But you can be creative and you can test and your team or an agency or whoever does the implementation part can follow along and see what your audience likes. So you could just think of yourself as the marketing talent or as I said earlier, I love to call myself the dog and pony show, the marketing dog and pony show.

You get to just be the one doing the visionary and showing up and saying it if you’re on video or just passing along the idea if somebody else is writing it. And then you hand the rest of it off to your team or to an agency to make it all happen. Now, you want to be really clear. You’re not going to be like, “Let’s just write an email about drapes.” No, you’re going to be very clear and very detailed because remember you don’t want them making the decisions on how you talk about drapery and what you think is important and which images to pick.

So you’re going to flesh out all the vision. I want to do an email newsletter. I want it to be all about drapery. I want to also post some stuff on social media with all our favorite window treatments and why. Here’s my top five favorites. Here’s whose houses they were and here’s what I love about them. And here’s what I want them to know about why window treatments are important, step one, two and three. And then you hand that over and they make it happen but that’s not hard.

But if you are clear and you are that dog and pony, you come up with that vision, maybe you even record a couple of videos just on your phone of you talking also about drapery, that they mix in. And if you’re like, “You all, window treatments make every single project feel amazing or cozy”, or whatever your viewpoint is. And you’re like, “So here are a few of my favorites.” And that’s what the video says. And then the team puts the favorite pictures behind that little video. And then you have a whole set of stories or a carousel that you didn’t have to do all the leg work on.

And when you do this you can start practicing very helpful thoughts and feelings that keep you showing up and completing the vision by thinking things like this. This is so much fun. I can’t wait to dream up all the new things I’m going to do or talk about in the emails or the reels or the lives. You could think, I love helping our fans and followers and clients. How much fun that I get to do this every day, that I just get to be creative for a living and helpful and we call it marketing. And it works because people keep coming back for more, are engaging with our posts, are asking questions or sending DMs.

You all, that is what you want to be thinking about your marketing. But if you’re still in the weeds, if you’re still trying to do it all, if you’re still staying confused and frustrated, probably not going to have access to those thoughts. They’re not going to be the ones that come up most naturally. And if you try to practice them you aren’t even going to believe them because you don’t think it’s fun right now. So you have to create the scenario where it is fun. Get out of the parts that aren’t for you. Stay in the parts that you do best or only you can do.

And create a scenario, a process, a system that actually makes your marketing work because this my friends is how we use those clues because we said success leaves clues. So we grab those clues from the places we’re already being consistent to help us design the process so that other people can help us be consistent too. Amazing I know and you’re welcome, hello.

And speaking of you’re welcome, I promise you that you will be thanking me and I will be saying, “You’re welcome”, if you join us in our very last class of Design You members for the program for 12 months. So this exact type of marketing problem when it comes up for you, we’re going to solve it in real time. Because even though you’ve heard this episode, sometimes you’re going to find yourself back in frustration.

And you’re going to be like, “Oh dang, yes, I forgot, Tobi, I forgot about that episode. I forgot you taught me how to do this, can you walk me through it again? Can you help me identify my thoughts that are in the way? Can you help me figure out what to do myself and what to hand off and even who to hand it off to?” That’s the kind of stuff we do on those coaching calls every single week in Design You. So one of the best things we do is help you get out of your own way, help you identify those strategies just like this one to finally create the three things that I just told you last week.

All designers want most, more money, better clients and more free time. Do you want those three things? We help you create those in Design You by getting out of your way and setting up systems and what you should be doing and what other people should be doing and how much does that cost and how you should charge. And all the things that are keeping you from that right now. I mean look at all the time we just freed up for you just by showing you that you don’t have to be the marketing implementer in your company anymore, just the visionary.

But we also will then have you very happy with your vision and your voice because you are the person creating that part. So not only did we give you more time, we gave you better quality marketing that you’re going to love a whole lot more. So we saved you a ton of time with this one idea just in this podcast but we also save you the frustration of trying to outsource the whole thing and being unhappy with it and being unhappy with the results and getting frustrated all over again and saying, “Just give it back to me.”

We don’t want that what I call boomerang work happening for you and your business over and over again. You give it away, you hate it, you bring it back. And because the problem with boomerang work is once you bring it back you already filled that time with something else. So now you have twice as much work and we don’t want that to happen to you anymore. So this is the perfect example of the exact customized approach to problem solving that we do every single week in Design You on the coaching calls.

And if that’s not enough, every single week I’m on there with a rare random occasion if I’m on spring break or something but beyond that one of my certified other coaches is there with you. Plus you have a certified coach to do quarterly one-on-one calls with you. So if you’re like, “I don’t usually speak up in the group calls or I need to circle back to this thing and get some one-on-one help because I’m still stuck or I’m still not getting out of my own way or we’re still not making the money.” You have that person at your disposal too.

And in addition to that we give you all our courses, we give you the whole Design System. We don’t want you to have to come up with everything on your own. I figured it out for you. I figured it out for me, it worked amazing. We tested it with other people, it worked amazing. So we want you to have it because I’ve already figured it out. So why not fast track your processes by using my tried and true strategies and systems and techniques. I’ve got you, my friend and here to make your life and your business easier, so please let me.

Take the leap while you still can and come benefit from the ridiculous results that Design You gets our members. It helps you create those ridiculous results. We do this in tandem where we’re partners in this. And my team and I cannot wait to work with you for the next year. 12 months from now your mind will be blown at what you have accomplished or fixed or gotten consistent at or gotten out of the way of all while learning to create more money and more time in your day if you come in, join the program and do the work with us.

Here’s the thing, I know you might have questions and we’ve got answers. So if you have any questions about whether you should be in this last group of Design You members I want you to email us at or go over to Instagram and go to @tobifairley and DM me because that’s me on the other side of those DMs. Tell me your questions or request a sales call and I’ll connect you with my team and they’ll hop on a call with you.

But we will get you a response. We will get this figured out for you and guess what? We offer you three ways to pay. If you’re like, “I’ve got the money right now, let’s go”, one payment and you’re done. If you’re like, “You know what? I want to spread it out a little.” We have a three pay. And if you’re like, “This is a stretch for me, Tobi, but I think I need it.” We give you the option of 12 payments for the whole year. So we want to make it accessible to you. We want to help you get in and get started and change your life and your business.

And trust me, if it’s not right for you right now and we get on a call with you, we’re going to be honest with you. We only want people who are ready to join and who are a fit to join. That doesn’t mean you’re not worthy but just sometimes you may be like, “I’ve got all this stuff going on, Tobi, and you’re going to tell me this list of things.” And I’m going to say, “You’re going to struggle to show up.” And just wishful thinking that you’ll squeeze one more thing in your life, might not be best for you.

Now, some of you have your schedule full of stuff. And we’re going to help you look at it and say, “You know what, but this thing is not moving you closer to your goal of more money or better clients and this thing isn’t either and this thing isn’t either. Why don’t we park those things, come work on the part of your business that you really need and then bring those back in later when you’re making a lot of money or having better clients? So we help you look at that.

We’ll help you decide what’s best for you, I mean only you know that really but we’ll give you the information so you can decide what’s right for you. And we’ll also be clear about what’s best for our team and all of our other members by getting the right people in the group. But don’t hesitate to reach out because you won’t know unless we chat. Okay friends, that’s all I have for you today, all. We just completely revolutionized your marketing and I just told you all the reasons why we can keep revolutionizing all the other parts of your business if you join Design You.

But that’s just the tiny little thing I had for you today. So here’s what I want you to do from here. Go get curious, do the steps I taught you in today’s episode. Find out what thoughts and feelings are helping you show up in some places and what thoughts and feelings are holding you back in other places so you can start to get excited and consistent about your marketing by using those clues that success, the areas you’ve been successful in, have already been leaving you. And don’t forget, next week we’re talking sales.

We are talking sales but by the time I get back with next week’s episode, Design You will be closed.
So next week we’re talking about sales and in particular how to sell without feeling salesy or sleazy and I’m going to see you then but if you want in Design You, doors close Wednesday March 29th at midnight forever so get in there. And if you’re worried or you have a question, hop on DMs or send us that email at because we’ve got answers. Okay, friends, bye for now.

Thank you so much for listening to The Design You Podcast, and if you are ready to dig deep and do the important work we talk about here on the podcast of transforming your mindset and creating a scalable online business model, there has never been a more important time than right now. So, join me and the incredible creative entrepreneurs in my Design You coaching program today. You can get all the details at

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