Ep #259: The 3 Things All Designers Want

The Design You Podcast Tobi Fairley | The 3 Things All Designers Want

Last week, we talked all about reinvention. We’re building on that topic in this episode, focusing in on some particular ways that you’re hoping to change, and discussing what it would take for you to make that your reality. There are three things that designers and creatives tell me they want most in their businesses. They want more money, higher-end clients, and more freedom around their time.

My suspicion is that you can relate. So, whether you’re here to make more money, land clients that give you total creative freedom, or you’re worn out and you want to be able to spend a little more time away from your business, I’m showing you how you can create all of it for yourself.

Tune in this week to discover the three things all designers and creatives want, and how to get them. I’m sharing how to keep your business and your client base evolving, and showing you how to be willing to handle the discomfort of leaving your non-ideal clients behind, so you can start demanding what you’re worth.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • Why money makes every area of being an interior designer more fun.
  • How designers cut their own profit margins to satisfy the needs of non-ideal clients.
  • The stories entrepreneurs tell themselves that stop them from moving into a higher price point.
  • How to decide whether your designs are currently worth the hype required to move to the next level.
  • The difficult decisions you have to make to keep your business relevant at the highest level.
  • How to be willing to venture away from where you are in search of the next level.

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