Ep #74: What Are You Willing to Believe is Possible?

The summer is winding down and school is starting, so this is a time I call my “second New Year” where I get down to planning and goal-setting and getting back on the wagon after falling off for a little bit.

This is a good time to really dig in and assess your belief systems around what’s possible for you and whatever goals you’re trying to achieve. Our beliefs are so critical when thinking about the results we want, but it can seem difficult to tweak our beliefs to get us to our end goal. Changing your beliefs isn’t actually hard, but it definitely requires conscious decisions and asking the right questions to get you there.

This week, I want you to start checking in to see where your beliefs about what is possible in your life are holding you back. If you’re not getting what you want in life, it’s because you’re making a choice. Seriously friends, ask the right questions and the clarity you’ll experience is mind-boggling.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • What I think about and dig into when I hit my “second New Year.”
  • Why your beliefs can be an obstacle when you’re goal-setting and trying to create work-life balance.
  • How what you think determines what is possible in your life.
  • What to look out for when you’re maybe not 100% believing what you want is possible.
  • Examples of crappy questions versus good questions to ask yourself and why there will be a huge difference in your results.
  • Why your brain doesn’t like thinking about big goals.
  • The important things to notice when thinking about your beliefs about your goals.

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