Ep #83: 5 Keys for Confidently using Facebook Live with Molly Mahoney

Molly Mahoney Facebook Live

If doing Facebook Lives has been on your radar for a while as a way to grow your reach and connect with more people, but you’re nervous about showing up on social media, you are going to absolutely love my guest on this week’s podcast. I have Molly Mahoney on to talk about the process she teaches to confidently use Facebook Live to create genuine, deep relationships, and scale those connections for your business.

Molly, also known as The Prepared Performer is a digital growth strategist who specializes in creating authentic Facebook video content to skyrocket client sales. On the show today, we’re diving into her five keys for using Facebook Live confidently without feeling slimy or sales-y about your offerings, and she’s giving you the boost you need to give it a go.

Even if you never plan to show up on Facebook Live or create videos, Molly’s practical tools that she’s sharing today can be implemented to close clients and show up as your best and highest self every time. You are going to love her!

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • Two things that can make you go crazy when using Facebook to build relationships.
  • The first step most people skip when trying to connect with and sell to an audience.
  • The “quesadilla of awesome” exercise that helps you identify what makes you uniquely awesome and an acronym to help you get started.
  • How to start identifying your target audience.
  • Why you don’t want to tie every problem you can solve to your offer.
  • Two things that people do that damage the connection they’re trying to achieve.
  • Why you don’t have to be an expert in a particular topic to talk about it.
  • What you want to do and what you want to avoid doing to convert your audience.
  • Molly’s thoughts on scripting your videos beforehand.

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