Ep #63: Thinking Progressively and Standing Out with Stacy Kunstel

Friends, you’re going to love today’s episode. My friend Stacy Kunstel joins me today and she’s got so much goodness to share. Stacy wears many hats as a multi-faceted storyteller, stylist, writer, editor, co-creator of Dunes and Duchess, and so much more.

Her insight on the publishing industry today and perspective on the importance of having a point of view and ability to tell a story is going to be so useful in thinking about how to market yourself in a broken industry. We cover so much ground, chatting about progressive ways to create content, the advantages of standing out, and how Stacy orchestrates her style.

Join us on the podcast this week to listen in on my amazing conversation with Stacy! She’s truly an expert in the creative industry, and you’re going to love all her tips on how she has created her success.

Stacy will be inside the free Design You Facebook community doing a live Q&A session so you can quiz her on any questions you might have for her. We’ll be announcing when she’ll be on soon, so join us there! 

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • What is happening in the magazine and publishing industry today.
  • How publications are trying to make money other than being online.
  • Why there is a disconnect in the magazine industry.
  • How to create opportunities for yourself without shooting for magazines.
  • Why regional and local magazines bring in clients for designers more than national magazines do.
  • How progressive designers and creatives are marketing their work.
  • Ways you can create content for yourself.
  • The advantage of working with a stylist as a designer.
  • How Stacy and Michael worked together to create Dunes and Duchess.
  • Why trying to be all things to all people is not going to serve you.
  • How Stacy changes up and innovates her style.

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