Ep #64: How to Have Your Own Back

I made my goal for this year to reach my optimal health and wellness, and I’m going to be honest with you… I haven’t been 100% committed. I haven’t had my own back in this area, and I want to delve into why it is so important that you absolutely have your own back always.

This week, I am diving into what having your own back really means, and I’m giving you some examples to show you how you might not be doing this. It may come up as “legit excuses,” like you were too busy or tired to get something done, but letting yourself negotiate is going to spiral out of control and leave you feeling unaccomplished and disappointed.

Tune in this week as I explore a concept that is so crucial in any area of your life where you’re chasing a goal. Just being 99% committed isn’t enough, and no, that’s not me being drastic and extreme. Developing this key mindset is going to help you thrive, so I hope you listen in and implement some of what I’m sharing with you!

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • What having your own back really means.
  • The point of a zero balance time blocking approach.
  • The 2 biggest reasons I see people resist this scheduling concept.
  • How you’re quitting ahead of time.
  • The consequences of not having your own back.
  • Areas in which I always have my back, and areas where I struggle to have my own back.
  • What makes us show up or not show up to our commitments.
  • Why being 99% committed is a bitch.

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