Ep #247: Taking the Big Leap

2023 is just around the corner, and I’m thinking a lot about what the year is going to look like—for me, and for you. The pandemic changed a lot of things for a lot of people, and this year has felt like one of the hardest since 2020. On this episode of the podcast, I talk a little about why and how 2023 can be different.

If you’ve been hustling non-stop and just can’t get past certain milestones or seem to be repeating the same patterns over and over, then it’s time for you to take a big leap. We’ll be taking it together, and I know it’s going to help you make big, important changes for your business.

Listen in as I share what I’ve learned about hustling over the years (and especially since 2020), the identity shift you’re going to have to make, and how quickly getting out of the way can change your creativity—and your business. I also share more about my Millionaire Mentorship program and why you should join us in 2023.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • What our Millionaire Mentorship theme is for 2023 and why.
  • Why hustling can only take you so far.
  • The feast-and-famine cycle and how to break it.
  • How the Covid-19 pandemic changed us and how to respond to that change.
  • Why failure is important to moving forward.
  • How I have taken the leap before and why I’m doing it again.

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Full Episode Transcript

You are listening to The Design You Podcast with Tobi Fairley, episode number 247.

Welcome to The Design You Podcast. A show where interior designers and creatives learn to say no to busy and say yes to more health, wealth and joy, here’s your host, Tobi Fairley.

Hey, friends, the next to the last podcast for the year. How can that be? We’ve done almost 250 episodes. That is wild. So I hope you’re having a lovely, amazing, wonderful, happy holiday season. I hope this is the best time in the little corner of the world that you’re residing in and that it’s really festive for you. I absolutely love my house during the holidays. I’m soaking it all up right now, all the Christmas trees, the fire and the fireplace, all the things. And yeah, I hope you’re doing that too.

So besides having all my holiday candles burning, and the music playing, and the holiday shows on, I mean seriously how many times can one person watch The Holiday? I’m working on a record. And really what I’ve been watching is all the cute little Netflix kind of hallmark style shows with my daughter, so fun. But I hope you’re doing it all the same. But besides that here’s what I’m doing.
I’m thinking about 2023. It is just around the corner. And that is so fun for me too.

I always have a word of the year which I’m bringing you next week on that episode. It’s really one for our company and the team this year but also for me personally. And I usually have themes in our programs for the new year which I’m to tell you about one of the ones we have for next year. And I set some pretty big intentions around this time of the year, how I want to show up personally, what I want to do. What I want to achieve, kind of around the idea of goal setting although I’ve changed my opinion about goals.

And I don’t really think of them quite as much as goals as I do just actions I guess we’re going to take for the new year. Because goals can be kind of difficult and a lot of people fizzle out on those pretty quickly and stop taking action. So thinking about what actions we’re taking and how we’re aligned as a company, it’s all so good. And speaking of aligning, I am personally aligning my own plans and my own actions for 2023 with our Millionaire Mentorship group. And the theme we have for our Millionaire Mentorship group this year because I love doing the work alongside our members.

It’s going to help me bring my absolute best ideas, learnings, best practices, best insight to these rockstar creatives all year long. If I’m not just saying, do as I say but I’m doing it while they’re doing it. I’m walking the walk, I’m talking the talk. I’m being the guineapig, all the things. So it’s my favorite way to operate. And I want to break it down for you so here we go.

The theme of Millionaire Mentorship in 2023 is taking the big leap. And I want to tell you why because there’s a few reasons. So one of the things I see time and again with myself and with the high achieving creatives and coaches that I work with is that most people can get to around $0.5 million, even a $1 million in revenue just through sheer might, through effort, through force, through hard work, bootstrapping if you will, hustling. I did it for a long, long time and it’s hard as hell. It is hard as hell, let me say that again.

It is hard as hell to bootstrap your way to a $1 million and it’s exhausting but it works to a point. And it’s also exhilarating which is so confusing. It confuses our brains, and it confuses our teams. It confuses those around us because we’re doing this exhausting, hustling, bootstrapping work. It’s hard but it’s working. And it gets so confusing and here’s why. Because we’ve all heard that saying what got you here won’t get there. And in this case it means what got you, what the hustle got you only works to a point.

The hustle can only take you to the point of hitting your capacity, to hitting burnout but we don’t know that because the signs are that it’s working. So somewhere between that range of $0.5 million and a $1 million, for some people it’s a 1.2 million, for some people it’s a 1.5 million, somewhere in that range of revenues when it comes from hustling you hit a ceiling. You hit the magic point, magic not in a good way in this instance, the breaking point, the place where burnout kicks in.

For some of us it’s sooner than later because you’re truly carrying your business on your back. And the success really comes because you’re working all the time, there’s not a lot of boundaries. You’re working nights and weekends and even sometimes when you stop taking clients or meetings on nights and weekends you’re still constantly thinking about your business nights and weekends. You never get a break. Your brain never rests, you hit the ground running every morning.

Your to-do list is still so long and pressure filled somehow when you wake up the next day even though you did a ton of things the day before. And you do it all over again and that’s only sustainable for a little while. It’s only sustainable for a period of time and you may think well, I’ve been doing it 10 years. But 10 years is only a little while in the grand scheme of a 30 or 40 year business or lifetime. So not that we’re only living 40 years but an adulthood, 30/40 years. And so it’s not a strategy for success long term. Hear me say that again.

It’s not a long term strategy for success, that is bootstrapping, hustling is a not a long term success strategy. And this is why when we learn to build our businesses on might and hustle we hit that ceiling. It’s always going to happen. We hit a plateau. And if we don’t make major shifts and major leaps, we’ll take a break for a little while and then we’ll come back and hit the same ceiling. And that’s why a lot of times they call it a glass ceiling, because you can’t see it.

You’re bumping up against it. We get one out, we have to pull back, take a much needed break.
But when we let our foot off the gas because we’re taking a break and we’re resting, our business stops growing. Heck, a lot of times when we take our foot off the gas, the company just stops bringing in money altogether because we are the only ones really producing revenue. Even if we have a team they may be fulfilling the commitment we made when we booked the revenue, when we got the job, when we closed the sale but we are the only ones bringing in the next client a lot of times.

When we are working the revenue is coming in and when we aren’t working the revenues aren’t coming. And it’s that not working parts that’s also confusing because a lot of times not working doesn’t even mean not working. We’re still working. We might not be working on revenues or selling because we head over to take care of clients that we’ve already sold to. Or we head over to put out a fire that’s popped up, which they do often, especially when you’re running your business through hustle they do. We go try to fulfill the promises we already got paid for.

And the revenues start to backslide but it’s not even like we’re getting a lot of rest in those moments. And sometimes we finally do rest out of forced situations, forced sickness, forced exhaustion. We get COVID, or the flu, or something else because we’re so tired and worn down. But again, that’s not ideal rest. If I was going to be off for a week I’d rather be on vacation not in bed with a virus because I worked myself to the bone and picked up one of the many things that’s going around.

And I know you can see yourself a lot of you in this scenario most likely. I’ve been there more than once. In fact there have been many years where I accidentally just kept creating the exact same size and type of business year after year, after year, always around the $1 million mark, or 1.5 million. But it was the same business because I was doing the same thing, the same cycle, pushed to exhaustion then have to break which is feast, push, push, push, famine because we took a break. And we wonder how the feast and famine is always in our business but we’re creating it.

And I couldn’t figure out for the longest time how to break that cycle or that it even was a cycle, or what I was doing that was keeping me stuck. But I finally figured it out. And since I’ve helped dozens of high achieving creatives also figure it out after I did, I want to tell you what that looks like. So the problem was with my sheer effort and might. I had upleveled my business in almost every way, with hustle, with push, with force. Revenues were increasing year after year for a long time all the way up to that $1 million range until they seemed to get stuck.

Clients and jobs were improving all the way up to nice robust budgets and projects worthy of getting major publicity but then all of a sudden they seemed to sort of get stuck there. Working with my team got better for the most part, and up to a level that I had a lot of help. But the problem was I was still, if I’m being perfectly honest, wearing a ton of hats, wearing most of the hats, having almost all the key decisions still run through me every single week which seems like what I was supposed to be doing. Wasn’t that what CEOing looks like?

I didn’t realize it was keeping me stuck, to have things run through me, have everything run through me. And there are probably a lot of you right now thinking how in the world does it always feel like Tobi is talking directly to me? And the answer is because I was you. I am you and was you in so many ways. We work that hard thinking that surely pretty soon we’re almost there. Pretty surely soon the revenues will level out and I won’t have to work so hard to make sure they’re coming in. Pretty soon surely I’m going to hit the point where my pipeline will get full and stay full and that feast and famine will be over.

Surely at some point it will get easier and I can stop wearing all the hats and putting out fires all the time and can get some rest and business will stay stable and consistent while I’m not working so hard. But it never seems to work that way. And if we’re hustling for business which we are, it’s not going to work ever. The problem is we need to take a big leap to the next version of ourselves. We have to get out of the way, give up some of those hats or a lot of them, increase capacity in our firms by handing over those roles that we need to get rid of, which is quite a lot of them, to the right people.

But there’s an entire identity shift required of you to get out of the way. It’s not just the hiring of the right people. It’s not just paying more money. Those things can help but you have to be willing, and clear, and committed to getting out of the way and most of us are not. And we throw around words like, “But I’m a control freak.” But the truth is we just get scared. We’re afraid of failure. We might have even learned like I have to fail ourselves in our own way to success but we trust ourselves to clean up the messes.

And when we’re trying to get out of the way of other people we just don’t believe that we can. We don’t believe they can clean up their own messes or they’ll do it the way we want to. Or it just doesn’t seem like what a CEO should do, because we’ve trained ourselves to think CEOing is something completely different. So our businesses have grown up and matured in a lot of ways and we are still thinking and operating like that bootstrapping version of ourselves that got us to this level but is now holding us back in so many ways we can’t even imagine.

Now, another reason we need to take a big leap, not just this identity shift, not just to get rid of the hats, also has a lot to do with the pandemic or really any major change in the world. We’ve seen this over the years when the internet came on full board. We’re seeing it in a lot of ways with changes in social media, and video, and all kinds of things. But the pandemic was a major, major gamechanger and wakeup call for a lot of people. It was unexpected and it had a major impact on design and other creative industries.

And often when something happens that rocks our foundation as human beings we don’t lean into progress. We actually fall back on old habits, the one that got us here because it’s what we know, it’s familiar. So the pandemic led a lot of us right back into the hustle even if we had made our way out of it a little bit, but that’s not all it did. It also changed us as people, as a society to our core.

We started valuing different things, the things that were really important to us like family, and free time and all the things that come to mind when we realized how short life can be. Which is really counterintuitive or was working against this sort of what would you call it, autopilot version of ourselves that went back to the hustle because that’s all we knew. Yet we were longing more than ever for more freedom and more time with those we love. And so it was really, really frustrating. And it was really a broken way to try the fix the problems we were seeing.

So we saw things like the great resignation and quiet quitting come out of this realization that there’s more to life than just working like a robot or a machine. Yet when business started to slow down all we know is how to work like a robot or a machine so it became even more frustrating. And we felt isolated and we felt burned out and it was really, really difficult. And some of us got forced rest, many of us because the world shut down in a lot of ways.

And so many of us who were hustling in our businesses like we’ve been describing, it was actually a welcome rest if we didn’t get sick or someone that was in our family or close to us, didn’t get deathly ill or die from COVID. We were terrified but we were also tired. So how many people I heard say, “I’m not upset that conferences got cancelled and jobs got pushed back because I was tired and I needed the downtime. And we would not have opted on purpose into that sort of rest on our own if the world hadn’t shut down.”

But the worst of the pandemic now, the worst of at least that what we think of as the pandemic, now, the virus is still here, I just had it recently. But what we were thinking of as the pandemic, and the shutdown, and the quarantines and business shutting down, and cities shutting down. Most of that is behind us with regard to business closure and all the stuff. But that means that we spent 2022 this past year trying to figure out what business looks like now.

And many of us, myself included would say 2022 has been the hardest year of the pandemic because we didn’t have an excuse to stay home. We felt that we had to get back to work and try to get back to ‘normal’ but it’s really, really confusing. As my friend, Jadah Sellner who was here on a recent episode of the podcast and a lot of you really resonated with that episode. She said, “It’s not like we’re startup businesses. Because we’ve been in business for a while. But after the pandemic it’s really like we’re restarting. It’s not a startup, it’s a restart.”

But it’s really in a lot of ways kind of the same thing except our businesses just aren’t new. And sometimes that’s even worse because when our businesses are new, sometimes we’re so excited and we have nothing to lose, that we’re willing to change and shift and take some risk. But now we’re sort of gun shy, we’re afraid. We’re impacted by the uncertainty we’ve been through and we don’t know what the heck to do. But most of us aren’t leaning towards risk. We’re leaning into old habits.

The consumer changed in big ways while they were at home. They had more time than ever to learn to DIY things like home projects or their wedding, or their events. Or they aren’t even having those anymore because they’re leaning into more experiences. They’re taking courses, they’re baking bread, they’ve started their dream jobs. Maybe they even became our competition because they wanted to be designers or creatives. And a lot of the creatives who would have been our team members decided in that whole great resignation thing that they didn’t want to work for us anymore.

They didn’t want to work for long hours and low pay for another company. If they’re going to have to do that themselves, why wouldn’t they start their own business? And we’ve seen that happen and we’ve really struggled to find people to work for us. The job pool is nonexistent. And it’s so fascinating because we see businesses in all kinds of industries who can’t find staff, who’ve had to close or close in the middle of a weekday even though they have a restaurant or something because they can find staff.

And we want to act like it’s because people don’t want to work for because the government sent stimulus checks, you all, it’s not that. It’s people have changed yet we have not changed in many, many ways. A lot of creatives don’t want to work for us anymore. They’re working for themselves. So we have a changed consumer. We have a changed workforce or a lack of one. We have a changed society. And yet we open back up shop in this restart and we go back to wearing all the hats again as if we hadn’t already figured out pre pandemic that the hustle and the hat wearing wasn’t working.

You all, we need a big leap. A big leap is mostly our own mental shift. And again, business changed, we didn’t. And there’s one more reason that we need to take a big leap and here’s why. Because big leaps don’t just happen by themselves. So take a big leap, not fall into one is exactly what has to happen. So the only way that we will shift, and change, and get out of the way and step into and stay in our real zones of genius is to take intentional action.

I just did a session in our Millionaire Mentorship weekly call a week or two ago about what I did specifically to get out of my own way, get the right people in place, build the team, and the company culture, all the things to finally uplevel our company in a way that allowed me to build a business with more time freedom for myself, more financial freedom for me and the team. More capacity where I wasn’t just continually wearing all the hats and bumping up against that glass ceiling. And you all, it is not easy at all to take a big leap, it is not easy but it is so worth it.

Some of you heard me talk about the leap I took at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, so right when the pandemic was hitting. I was going through my master coach training and really doing some deep mindset work. And I decided that I was finally going to get out of the way so I could stop all the hustling that I’ve been describing, so I could do something different with my business, so I could not just keep creating the same business year after year, that was in a lot of ways killing me, and it was not really fun anymore.

And so I did something called Project Fail where I allowed my team to step up, instead of me failing my way to success they had to all fail their way to success. 25 major fails a quarter, so over 90 days my five people at the time each had to do 25 major things that they didn’t know how to do, or that were stretching themselves, or that they were trying something that I used to handle and they had to handle it. And you all, that’s 125 fails in 90 days. And I had to sit on the sidelines and not swoop in, and not save the day but mentor, and guide, and lead my team, novel idea while not overworking.

I put a cap on how many hours I could work a week. It was 32 hours. And I had to train myself, how to get out of the way and build a completely different kind of business. And it was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I had gotten really good at failing my own way to the next level in my business, trying things, seeing what worked, adjusting, trying again. It got me to over $1 million more than once in more than one business, in the design business, in the consulting business. I hustled my way to a $1 in both.

But to let other people step up and let other people increase the capacity that we had in our company by really taking on significant roles and me getting out of the way. And handing over, truly handing over some of, a lot of the hats I was wearing, especially in the areas of integration, operation, things that were not in my visionary sweet spot. I had to allow other people to learn how to fail their way to success in those roles without swooping in to save them but teaching them and guiding them how to save themselves. We had to shift from me to we.

And it’s probably the hardest thing you will ever do in your business if you do this work. It is the leap, you have to finally pay enough to get the right people. And a lot of you are thinking, well, that’s hard because I don’t have that full pipeline if I’m not hustling. But here’s what I want you to see. When you get out of the way and it’s not just you bringing in the income but a group of people bringing in the income you absolutely will change the bottom line. You’ll change how much money the company has to pay people. It all won’t be built on your back.

So you’ve got to get the right people and get the heck out of the way. You’ve got to let them learn to sink or swim. The good news is, if you do it in the way that is guiding and leading, not abdicating, not just turning your head and be like, “Well, you can have it.” But if you really leap into leadership, conscious leadership they’re going to learn to swim far better than you can possibly even imagine but you’ve got to get out of the way. You have to take a risk. You have to be their mentor and their guide but not save the day. It’s what I call the great unlearning.

And it is the opposite of bootstrapping. It is the opposite of the behavior that got you to this plateau of half a million, or a million, or even a million and a half dollars. And you know when you hit capacity. You know what that number was and maybe not it’s the exact same number. Maybe you hit a plateau, rested a minute, got a little bit farther, hit a plateau again. But you know that you have been staying around the same place and beating your head against that glass ceiling and wondering what the heck was happening.

You all, this great unlearning, the unlearning of the hustle, and the bootstrapping and getting out of the way and learning to lead, it finally creates the capacity and the freedom that you’ve been looking for but it requires the very uncomfortable work of you getting out of the way. So intentionally leaping is the third thing. Getting out of the way also means you’re going to have to have that big identity shift because the way in which we have been getting all of our validation and our accolades, we’re going to now have to move away from a lot of those roles, at least slightly but really in a lot of ways.

You have been getting praise for being the doer and you’ve heard me talk about that before and damn, we’re good doers. Look at all the shit we have been doing. It’s the reason we are so burned out but there’s the sort of sick addiction to the feeling of busy and productivity and also of getting all the praise for it. When I was at my most overworked, most overstressed, most burned out, which I would say was all the way from my late 30s into my really early and mid-40s. So it was a good long period of time that I was hitting this plateau and creating the same business over and over again.

Most of the businessmen and women that I admire locally, and in the design industry, and all over, they were telling me how amazing I was. They were telling me, “Oh my gosh, you’re the hardest working person I know. You’re so impressive, you’re everywhere, your success is just blowing my mind.” You all, I was hustling for that success yet I was getting so much praise for it. But my head was barely above water and my mental health was hanging by a thread. We have to be willing to step away from those particular accolades for doing and step into leading our firms.

We have to lead the big leap but the beauty is when we do the sleeping, when we do this work we free up time for the next version of ourselves and the next version of our creativity. and I right now am in a period of creativity like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I’m creating new companies. I’m creating new offers. I’m creating new ideas that I just didn’t know were a possibility, things that could literally create the wealth that I’ve been trying to hustle to. And hustling didn’t get me there. Those things I’ve been dreaming about, absolutely coming to pass.

So if you’ve been dreaming about things that you’re not doing right now, a scalable product line, writing a book, becoming the spokesperson for your brand, speaking on stages, developing an app. Developing something that’s even a completely different company even if it’s related to what you do, something that’s not necessarily just built around you or that you could sell. Any of those incredible ideas, the most incredible ones you’ve had but haven’t had time for, never will have time for if you keep being busy with the doing and the hat wearing. Those are the things that become possible once you take a leap.

Those things can start to happen when you get out of the way, when you learn to build a true team and true company culture that supports you and that assumes so many of those roles that you were holding onto for years. Taking the big leap means a lot of things but it mostly means this mindset and identity shift for you first and foremost. But then after that it can look like whatever you want it to, including a more balanced schedule because you have more people, more of the right people.

You’ve created more capacity in the company that it needed and that it needs to bring in some of these new dreams and new ideas. Most of us have been doing the work of two to three people for years and that’s why we’re so tired. It’s not sustainable at all. And that to-do list, the one that is the size of two or three people’s to-do list all combined that you look at every day but it’s just for you. That’s what’s keeping you stuck in your revenues, and in your hat wearing, and in the burnout.

Our to-list is literally killing our business and it is killing us but it’s not a normal to-do list. It’s a to-do list for two, or three, or more people. So when you take the big leap you release the to-do list especially around the places that are not your sweet spot. And for me that’s releasing all of the integrator stuff, the operation stuff to the people that should have been doing it for a long time.

And I finally inhabit that true role of visionary and a lot of you were meant to inhabit that role too, where your big ideas can finally come to fruition but other people help make them happen. And you all, this is not a mythical place. It’s not like that mythical island of ideal clients I talk about but it seems mythical. It seems like it’s not true. It seems like it can never happen because we either don’t know how to take the leap or we aren’t willing to do the uncomfortable work to leap. We aren’t willing to get uncomfortable enough to ever get to this place.

There is a great quote by Brooke Castillo who I have learned from for a few years. And her quote is ‘discomfort is the currency of our dreams’. It’s a really important quote to me. It really helped me make some of these shifts but here’s where I think this can get confusing for some of you. Because you think the discomfort that is the currency of your dreams is the discomfort of bootstrapping and overworking. That is a lie. That is not the discomfort that gets you to the next level but it’s the discomfort that so many of you stay in.

I don’t even call that one discomfort. That’s just plain old pain but it’s familiar, the bootstrapping, the hustling, the burnout, that cycle is familiar to you. The overworking is so familiar to you, we’re used to it so we keep doing it. And there’s another quote that says something to the effect of the pain you know is better than the pain you don’t know. We’ll keep doing something even though it’s harming and hurting us because it’s familiar. So I think about this quote, the discomfort is the currency of your dreams and it really make sense to me now that I’ve leapt.

But I want to make sure that you are not staying in that current pain of hustling thinking it is the discomfort that’s going to take you to the other side because it’s not. The discomfort that we avoid for some reason is the discomfort of leaping and shifting to the next version of ourselves. The discomfort of releasing the hats, releasing the work. The discomfort of being willing to let go of the current accolades, to find new validation in the new things that we’re able to do.

So the version that we need to release is the exact discomfort that we avoid because it’s uncertain. But here’s what I want you to think about right now because thanks to the pandemic our next steps are completely uncertain anyway. Remember it’s like a restart. The world, and our industries, and our consumers, ourselves, we have all changed. So aren’t we going to just ride out our firms until they’re no longer sustainable and they go out of business as the world changes around us?

Or are we finally going to opt in on purpose to take the big leap, leap towards our dreams, leap towards uncertainty but with a group of high achieving brave souls who are also leaping at the same time towards their dreams. Getting major results because they’re willing to unlearn all the things that they know that are holding them back. You all, you can’t stay who you are and become the next version of yourself. You can’t set sail and keep one foot on the dock, you have to leap.

And if you love the idea of the leap and you’re hoping that that other quote that says leap and the net will appear is for you then this is where I want to invite you to join our Millionaire Mentorship program. Because the mentors, team Tobi, the other peers in that group and I, we are your safety net for this. We have never had more uncertainty in our world, in our business and what is to come in our business and industries in the future. We’ve never had more uncertainty.

So it’s not like leaping means that everything’s comfortable and working and we’re going to opt out of it into uncertainty. It’s uncertain anyway. And if the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that uncertainty is always lurking right there under the surface of our daily existence always. So why not leap now when it’s already uncertain? Why not take advantage of the moment to finally make 2023 different than all the years you’ve spent recreating the same exhausting business over and over again year after year? Because we’re leaping, I hope you’re going to join us.

To learn more about Millionaire Mentorship head over to tobifairley.com/millionaire or if you have a specific question DM me on Instagram and say, “I want to know about taking a leap in 2023. You all, we have 25 spots total in mentorship. At the time of this recording – I don’t know, 17 or 18 of them are full. But one of those remaining spots might have your name on it. If this is resonating with you, if you’re like, she’s speaking directly to me. I have to say that I’ve had mastermind groups similar to this multiple times over the 15 years.

Some of them just have the perfect chemistry. Some of you have been in those groups. You might want to come back to this one because it has got that perfect chemistry. The people that are in it, the timing we are in the world right now, the things I’ve just been through, the mentors we’ve brought to the table, it has the perfect chemistry. So this is for you if you’ve hit that multiple six figures or even seven figures but you’re still wearing the hats, you’re still hustling as much as you’d like to think you’re not.

You’re still falling back into old habits, you haven’t leapt. And you know where in the fine print of a lot of things they say results not typical, like diet, lose 50 pounds, results not typical? Well, I want to tell you, the results that this group is getting, they’re definitely not typical. They are atypical because we have people doubling their salary, adding 600K in revenue in one year or less, hitting the $2 million mark for the first time.

We have people in talks with television shows, or at least having videos out with casting agents. We have people developing apps for huge ideas in their industry. We have a person who just launched a retail store who’s determined to defy the odds and do retail differently. We have multiple people doing this work of upleveling their business just like I’ve been describing here so that they can sustain themselves and step fully into their visionary role. And create the next inspiring version of their firm, or their brand, or something that they never even dreamed was possible.

I mean the stuff that we are creating, and crafting, and coming up with for these people is so inspiring. People leave these meetings saying, “Oh my gosh, I’ve never been so in love with my business. I’m so excited about what I’m about to build in the next 6 to 12 months.” So if you’re at that level of multiple six figures in your business or a little more and you’re ready to leap, come on, e grab one of those spots and let’s leap together. You heard me say at the beginning of this, I’m leaping alongside you. I’m building three huge things this year, well, 2023.

I’m building another business with my mom on the side that’s related to interior design. I’m building an online store space. And I’m building something I can’t even tell you about yet. And I’m expanding part of our consulting business into something new. So that’s actually four new things. I’m building four new things. I’m building them alongside you. I’m leaping again friends, but this is not my – well, I mean this is a pretty big leap.

But I had to make the enormous leap of getting out of the way and shifting my identity and getting into visionary role and getting that team in place so I could make room for these things that are lighting me up to my core. And I want you to be able to do that too. Okay, so come on and join us, let’s leap together. That’s what I have for you friends, I’ll see you next week with my word of the year, more about what I’m doing to leap, more about some of those things I was just mentioning that I’m doing next year. I’m doing that giant stuff you all, come do it with us, beside us.

You know I’m always one to walk the talk, and hopefully even lead a few steps ahead of you so I can figure out some of the hard stuff before you have to. That’s what we’re doing in 2023 and we hope you will be there with us. Okay, see you soon, friends, bye for now.

Thank you so much for listening to The Design You Podcast, and if you are ready to dig deep and do the important work we talk about here on the podcast of transforming your mindset and creating a scalable online business model, there has never been a more important time than right now. So, join me and the incredible creative entrepreneurs in my Design You coaching program today. You can get all the details at TobiFairley.com.

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