Ep #246: Embracing Your Multi-Passionate Self

It is the perfect time of year for dreaming. There’s already something magical about the holidays, so why not park your biases, your reservations, and any pull you have to be practical or reasonable and instead let yourself imagine what might be possible in the coming year (or years!).

Maybe you used to dream a lot as a child but life got the best of you, convincing you that dreaming was not for serious, responsible people. Maybe you’ve long felt like dreaming was for people other than you. I went through this same thing, so today on the podcast I talk about how untrue that is and why you should be embracing your dreams.

Join me for a look at embracing your multi-passionate self and dreaming about what will come next for you. I talk about making sure you have the space and time to be a multi-passionate creative and how to figure out what that looks like for you so that you can truly chase your dreams.

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • The definition of manifesting generators and why you might be one.
  • Why there shouldn’t be shame around creativity.
  • The importance of finding someone to help with your systems so you can be creative.
  • How I learned that creativity and perfectionism are enemies.
  • Why having multiple goals and tasks works for me—and how it can work for you.

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