Ep #81: How to Survive Feeling Uncomfortable

Feeling uncomfortable

We’re getting deep on the podcast this week with a topic on discomfort that you might find hard to swallow. You might want to resist what I’m discussing, but I urge you to stay with me as I take you through some self-coaching concepts that will help you step into the person and life that you’ve always said you want.

A lot of us are, frankly, lying to ourselves when we say we can’t go after something. Maybe it’s losing weight, or being financially stable in your business, or putting out content on your social media or website. A whole slew of excuses that seem absolutely legit and solid for why we can’t do it.

Today, I’m unraveling the real reason we are unwilling to go after the things we say we want and why the feeling of discomfort can be so hard to move past. I’m sharing some tools that I hope will help you see that the feeling of discomfort is actually the path to success and that it’s nothing to freak out about, so you can finally take the steps towards your dreams.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • A few examples of excuses that seem legit for staying in your comfort zone that I’ve had clients say to me.
  • The only reason you don’t already have what you dream of.
  • How we can see that the reasons we tell ourselves for staying small are not true.
  • The one secret that people who are successful and have all the things you dream about know.
  • What happens when we buffer our discomfort away.
  • Why labeling yourself is really unhelpful and makes it easier for you to stay small.
  • Why feelings are nothing to be afraid of.

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