Ep #98: Self-Care Hacks with Angela Jia Kim

Self-Care Hacks with Angela Jia Kim

How many of you are on track toward your goals? We’re well into the new year, we’ve got our big goals and plans laid out, and I know a lot of you are working double-time as creatives and entrepreneurs. That said, taking some time for yourself and refilling your well is so crucial to long-term success, and I’ve got the best guest to discuss this with us on the podcast today.

If you’re wondering why you might not be producing your best work or why you might be feeling depleted already, you might just be lacking some self-care practices. Angela Jia Kim is a former concert pianist turned beauty entrepreneur and creator of Savor Beauty + Spa, and she’s here to talk us through her motto, “Nourish to flourish,” that exemplifies the importance of looking after yourself first to create the success you want.

Join us this week to learn why self-love is at the crux of self-care and why you need to make it a practice. Making self-care a habit is crucial, especially for us creatives, and practicing introspective self-care is what kept Angela from burning out. I know you’re going to love her because her tips are too simple not to implement and will have you showing up as your best self consistently.

If you want to get your hands on some of Angela’s amazing products or her Savor Beauty Planner so you can set self-care habits in motion, she has generously given us a discount code! Use the code TOBILOVE10 at her website to check all of her stuff out!

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • What Angela has learned about self-care, self-love, and how to embrace it as a habit.
  • Why practicing self-care helps you care more for the people around you.
  • Angela’s one simple daily routine that has transitioned into more self-care practices.
  • The power of carving out non-negotiable me time.
  • Why you should put your self-care before success.
  • The three types of visioning that Angela uses to flourish in her life.
  • Why Angela doesn’t believe self-care is a lifestyle.
  • How to keep your excuses at bay to keep showing up for yourself.

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