Ep #99: Why Loving Yourself Is an Inside Game with Jamie Berman

Why Loving Yourself Is an Inside Game with Jamie Berman

My guest on the show this week is my friend Jamie Berman, who is a certified weight loss coach who specializes in working with women who have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. We’re not diving into her experiences with PCOS specifically today, but if you want to know more, you have to check her work out! Instead, what we’re discussing today is about achieving all the things you want, striving for a certain feeling, and then not feeling that way when you get to the “finish line.”

We all have that experience of wanting to make a certain amount of money, or losing weight, or finding the perfect partner, and then not feeling the way we thought we would when we got there. Jamie is talking us through how to cultivate the feelings you want to experience now, and why unless you do the necessary work on yourself, you’re going to have the same feelings and be the exact same person you are right now.

Listen in this week as we get into the importance of prioritizing self-love in everything you do. This is at the core of Jamie’s work, and I so enjoyed having her talking us through her journey and how keeping this at the forefront can be so life-changing in so many ways.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • How Jamie lost 50 pounds twice and the difference between the two times.
  • The transformations Jamie has been through.
  • What Jamie thought it would feel like when she achieved her goals and the reality that showed up.
  • How Jamie moved through not feeling the way she expected to when she got to her goals.
  • Why Jamie prioritizes making her goals fun for her and how she ensures this.
  • The difference between striving towards your vision versus doing something you feel obliged to do.
  • The mental space you want to be in to go after your goals successfully.
  • Why you have to cultivate the feelings you want purposefully.
  • The truth about hustling and why it’s not necessary to be successful.

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