Ep #94: Nourish Your Relationship with Yourself with Erin Aquin

Nourish Your Relationship with Yourself with Erin Aquin

Welcome to the first interview episode of 2020! As we dive into bettering ourselves this year, I have the best guest to address a crucial part of this process with us today. I am so excited to bring you this conversation I had with Erin Aquin, a life coach who I’m currently in master coach training with. Erin came to life coaching as a yoga teacher, with a focus on helping people with their partnerships to create wildly beautiful lives.

Our relationships are so important to us, but it can be hard to enjoy the successes of your visions coming to life if your relationships are suffering in the process. Erin talks us through the importance of nourishing your relationship with yourself and how to integrate that with your goal setting practice. Erin is going to overhaul your whole perspective on how you might be keeping yourself stuck and reimagining not only your relationship with yourself but your bigger goals too.

Join us this week for some beautiful insight from Erin on enhancing your relationship with yourself. This work is going to positively affect every other area of your life in the process.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • How you’re holding yourself back from the life you really want.
  • Why many of us keep recreating the same experience over and over again.
  • How to reimagine your relationship with yourself as you go after your dreams without taking away from the other relationships in your life.
  • Why your relationship with yourself is the most important one.
  • Erin’s perspective on going after your goals and your relationship with others.
  • Why you should expect new issues to conquer at every level.
  • How to kick your emotional child to the curb.

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