Ep #95: What Nobody Tells You About Boundaries with Nancy Levin

What Nobody Tells You About Boundaries with Nancy Levin

Boundaries are something that we usually have with others, but the boundaries that are most important are actually the ones we have with ourselves. If you find that you have been a people-pleaser, a workaholic, or have had time management issues, it is likely something to do with the boundaries you have for yourself.

And luckily, I have the absolute perfect superstar on the podcast this week to discuss where you might be going wrong. My guest today is Nancy Levin, a life coach extraordinaire who specializes in boundaries. She has some brilliant insights about boundaries that are so often overlooked and I learned so much from this interview myself.

I’m incredibly excited to be a part of this conversation and I can’t wait for you to dig into what Nancy has to share with you today. When you’re deciding on your targets for 2020, this podcast is going to be an incredible tool for you to actually design the year that you want to have. After listening to this, there will be no excuses for not going after your goals.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • Why we let other people determine our worth, and why external validation is never going to fill that void.
  • How Nancy realized when her own boundary issues were getting in her way.
  • What Nancy did to work on her boundaries through life coaching.
  • How setting boundaries allows us to spend more time on ourselves and commit to our own goals.
  • The power of being able to say no without an excuse lined up or feeling bad for saying no.
  • Where self-worth and net-worth become intertwined.
  • How to set effective boundaries that serve you now and serve your future self.
  • Why, if your boundaries are being crossed, you’re really the one crossing them.

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