Ep #57: Motherhood, Social Media & Network Marketing with Rebekah Fowlkes

If you look at me and think, “Gosh, how does she do it all?” you’re going to be amazed by my next guest on the show, Rebekah Fowlkes. She’s one of my favorite people, and if you don’t already know who she is, you need to check her out!

Rebekah is a network marketing professional and social media strategist, and she’s a true powerhouse of a woman. One of her specialties lies in social media, so we delve into the intricacies of how she got started and the mindset behind her presence on Instagram. She’s a pro at balancing motherhood and family with work and she’s sharing how she does it all on the podcast today.

Our conversation was so fun and we cover so many important topics around motherhood and connecting with others. Rebekah is an amazing example of authenticity and confidence when it comes to putting yourself out there, and you’ll get an insight into how you can do that too!

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • What drives Rebekah to be vulnerable and authentic on social media.
  • How Rebekah got into network marketing.
  • The difference between treating your business like an actual business and when you treat it as a side gig.
  • How Rebekah feels confident and what inspires her to seek success.
  • Rebekah’s thoughts on social media and being herself.
  • How Rebekah balances motherhood, her family, and her network marketing career.
  • Rebekah’s perspective on how she makes time for self-care.
  • How to add value to people and represent your “brand” without selling.

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