Ep #58: The Dirty Little Secrets of the Interior Design Biz

Pretty much every designer or creative I come across tells me they’re exhausted, and at the rate I’m hearing this, it seems to be a bit of an epidemic. This episode is full of truth bombs, and if you’re currently operating your business in a way that isn’t fulfilling or making you money, this might be a little uncomfortable.

This week, I’m sharing the dirty little secrets of the design industry and of running a design business. It’s the stuff nobody ever talks about, and it’s the reason I believe everyone is so exhausted all the time. My goal here is to get people talking about these broken business models to help curb the exhaustion so you can actually make money in your business.

Join me on the podcast today as I lift the smoke and mirrors of the design industry to help you build wealth and get your financials working like a well-oiled machine so you can finally feel rested and successful!

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • What to do if you’re not able to pay yourself within your business.
  • 4 things I find in businesses that aren’t profitable.
  • What a broken business model looks like.
  • How to create money in your business.
  • What I find when I formulate a plan with people to get out of their problems.
  • 3 things that are required to have a successful business.
  • Why saying yes to everything and everyone is costing you money.
  • The difference between being tired and exhausted.

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