Ep #50: How to Put Yourself Out into the World

One of my missions for 2019 was to take a big leap in vulnerability and make myself seen to serve as many people as I can. Don’t get me wrong, it’s highly uncomfortable, and even for an extrovert like me, it can be really tough.

Being fearless and taking big leaps by putting yourself out into the world and being visible to more people isn’t an easy feat. We’ve got all sorts of crippling thoughts about how we might be judged or disliked and it can keep us hiding forever. Today, I’m showing you how you can strike the right balance of being positively vulnerable without over-sharing to attract and help your people in the best way possible.

Tune in as I explore the concept of vulnerability and fulfilling your passion by being 100% authentically you. I’m still working on sharing more than just the highlight reel and being more vulnerable than I ever have, and I hope you join me on this journey.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • What putting yourself out into the world looks like.
  • Why vulnerability is a good thing.
  • Marie Forleo’s thoughts on the fear that comes up when putting yourself out there.
  • How to truly connect with the people you care about.
  • Why it’s pointless worrying about being judged or disliked.
  • How repelling some people is actually part of the goal.
  • An example of positive vulnerability and how it’s pushed me to be more vulnerable.

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