Ep #294: How Niching Down Builds Business Resilience with Liz Toombs

The Design You Podcast with Tobi Fairley | How Niching Down Builds Business Resilience with Liz Toombs

As creatives, many of us are afraid of niching down. My guest this week believes that having a niche design audience doesn’t limit the possibilities for your business; it actually enhances them.

Liz Toombs has found an amazing design niche that has allowed her business to thrive even during tough economic times: sorority house design. This is a fun topic for me, not only because I was in a sorority way back in the day, but my daughter has just gone through the sorority rush experience, so this is top of mind right now.

If you’re afraid that niching down will negatively impact your bottom line, Liz is here to show you how a niched-down business can be the most resilient in a shifting industry. We’re discussing why anything can be a niche in the interior design industry, what giving back to student communities through her business looks like for Liz, and how sorority house design has given Liz a constant source of business since the 2008 recession. Tune in to discover why niching down could be the best way to help your design business survive a soft economy.


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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • Why Liz niched down and focused on sorority house design after the 2008 financial crisis.
  • The process Liz went through to position herself as an expert in sorority house design.
  • How having a specialized audience is helping Liz’s business through the current state of our economy.
  • Some things that might surprise you about sorority house design and how it differs from more conventional design work.
  • The client-facing difficulties of specializing in sorority house design.
  • How Liz gives back to the student communities she works with through her business.
  • Why just about anything could be a niche in the interior design industry.
  • The creative ways Liz works with clients outside of her full-service design offerings.

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