Ep #210: The Next Version of You

The Design You Podcast with Tobi Fairley | The Next Version of You

We all have multiple versions of ourselves as we grow and develop throughout our lives. It requires courage to listen to the inner nudges and follow your intuition to move towards the next phase and version of yourself and the life that is meant for you on the other side.

As we progress into the next version of ourselves, it can be really helpful to see examples of what is possible for us. So this week, I’m sharing some of the exciting things coming up for me in my life and business, how I’m transforming into the next phase of my life, and encouraging you to find the courage to do the same and show up in the way you have been dreaming about.

Join me this week as I share what really creates joy and fulfillment in our lives, and two profound questions to ask yourself to help you move towards the next version of you. Discover how to be open to those nudges you feel in your heart and use them to move further along the path that is uniquely yours, and how to prioritize what you want and what lights you up, and let go of the things that are no longer serving you.

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • How to be open to what’s possible in the next iteration of yourself.
  • Why you need to be open to making room for your next self to emerge.
  • How hustle culture removes creativity from our lives.
  • The benefits of asking yourself better questions.
  • Why so many people have lost the art of dreaming and the problem with this.
  • The areas I think I make the biggest impact on the world
  • What redefining success looks like.

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