Ep #43: Let Go to Grow Your Business

2018 was the first year I crossed off everything I wanted to accomplish and let me tell you, friends, it felt amazing. I didn’t have to rush anything and in fact, time seemed to slow down for me for the first time ever!

Now that I’m standing on the other side of 2018 and feeling so accomplished, I want to help you do the same for 2019 and be more present than you ever have been. Delegating and letting go of control of certain things in your business or life can be really tricky, and our brain gives us lots of excuses for not doing it. What I’m exploring this week is how you can start to learn to do this to thrust your business forward in a way that you’ve never experienced before.

Join me for a deep lesson this week on how to let go to grow your business! Trust me, I was there, right there in your shoes, so I know it’s not easy. But implementing this shift in your life is going to be so transformative not only for you but for your business and everyone around you.

If you want some support and accountability for letting go to grow and getting support for your goals, make sure to join the Design You Podcast community on Facebook and tell me how you’re going to do that this year!

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • Why unlike most years, 2018 didn’t feel like it flew by.
  • What I did in 2018 that felt different from every year before it.
  • Examples of excuses we make for not letting go to grow.
  • The real reason we identify as control freaks and don’t delegate.
  • Why top performers constrain what they do.
  • The lies that we use to not let go of the things we do.
  • Why we hold ourselves small.
  • How to learn to let go of your obstacle thoughts.

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