Ep #44: Falling Off the Wagon

If you’re not crushing your goals on a daily basis so far this year, you may have had the idea that you’ve fallen off the wagon and just need to get back on… on Monday. We create so much drama around “falling off the wagon” and the behavior around starting over, that we forget to show up for ourselves when we really should.

We make life harder for ourselves when we consciously or unconsciously think, “I’m starting over next week anyway so I might as well…”

My one key goal this year is all about optimal health and wellness, and I’ll be honest, I completely tanked last week. I’m sharing why I failed and the changes I’ll be making to get back on track, no matter the sacrifices I’ll have to make.

Tune in this week to learn all about creating new habits and managing your schedule in a way that works for you! I’ve definitely discovered a lot so far this year, and I can’t wait to see you succeed at your goals by implementing some of my learnings too!

If you’re loving these concepts on the podcast, please leave me a rating and review on iTunes. A lot of you have told me I’m really helping you change your lives and it’s the whole reason I’m here, so this will help me help you move forward all year long!

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • The relation of “falling off the wagon” to time and our schedules.
  • What I realized when I started scheduling my food planning and exercise.
  • Why my planning this week was a total fail.
  • What I did instead of “falling off the wagon.”
  • 8 things I discovered I have to do to be successful at reaching my one key goal.
  • Why you should get accustomed to using a digital calendar.

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