Ep #69: How to Hustle the Right Way

There are a lot of mixed messages out in the world when it comes to hustling in your business. Do we need to hustle more? Do we need to hustle less? Are we getting out of balance and losing sight of our priorities in the process? I’ve definitely been on both sides of the hustle spectrum, and I’m giving you my take on this concept on the podcast today.

The idea of hustling can be very conflicting and confusing, but it is necessary in some capacity to build a successful business. But also, how much is too much? Here is where I give you five key steps that will help you hustle the right way, to ensure all your effort and hard work pays off.

Practicing these five steps will help you focus on hustling in all the right places, where you can make the most money and impact, and at the same time say no and delegate the other elements of your business to others so you can live a life you love.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • What hustling means.
  • My take on the concept of hustling.
  • 3 characteristics that are consistent in hustlers.
  • What makes an entrepreneur stand out.
  • Why there is a trade-off for entrepreneurs in the hustle mentality.
  • 5 key steps to hustle the right way.
  • How to ensure your hustle pays off.
  • Why people get into burnout territory with hustling.
  • Why measuring your result isn’t always the best way to determine your success.

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