Ep #68: Relentlessness in Creating Your Dream Business with Scot Meacham Wood

I have got a huge treat for you on the podcast this week, my friends! I’ve got my buddy Scot Meacham Wood on the show, and I’m so excited for you to listen in because I know his story is going to inspire all of you to go after your dream life and business.

We’re discussing Scot’s backstory, how he got into the creative field he’s in today, and all the juicy details of how he has gone after everything he’s wanted to create without hesitation. His brand and style are so uniquely him, and I’m sure many of you already know who he is, so buckle in for an amazing episode!

If you’re unsure whether to go after a project or idea because you just don’t know how to go about it, or if you even should, I’m so excited for Scot’s story today to give you that little push forward because if he can do it, you can do it too.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • How Scot’s experience working at Ralph Lauren helps him today.
  • Why Scot left Polo to pursue interior design.
  • How Scot’s Southern upbringing has played a part in his brand.
  • Our thoughts on self-publishing a decade ago and today.
  • How the presence of social media has changed the design industry.
  • What Scot’s progression into self-producing his product line looked like.
  • Why Scot decided to diversify his collection.
  • How Scot makes his ideas come to life.
  • Why Scot prefers to have a smaller team.
  • The self-care practices Scot does to manage his work-life balance.

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