Ep #92: How to Do a Decade in Review

Decade in Review

We’ve talked about my year-end review before here on the podcast, but as we approach a new decade in a few days, I’m bringing you my process for a decade in review. This is highly important stuff, my friends, and I hope this helps you start 2020 with a fresh perspective on what you can accomplish in 10 years.

As humans, we often overestimate what we can do in 10 years, and underestimate what we can do in one year. This can be why our big goals can often feel like such a struggle, especially when you notice feeling impatient or bored by trying to accomplish them. So today, I’m showing you how to practice this exercise and the reasons why this can be so powerful for your future.

I’m sharing some highlights of what I’ve accomplished over the last decade, to inspire you and show you that your progress isn’t always a straight line all the way to the finish. Ups and downs are inevitable, and you might even feel like you’re off course for a lot of the way, but looking back using this practice will show you how to use this information to make 2020 and the years beyond exactly how you envision it.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • 3 reasons why doing a decade in review is so powerful.
  • How to get the results you actually want.
  • What you have to consider when you’re digging into your current results.
  • How to create a stop, start, and continue list.
  • Why we struggle to reach our goals and quit on ourselves.
  • A glimpse into what I’ve done in the last decade.
  • Why it might seem like you’re off track on your way to a goal.

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