Ep #53: Self-Taught Interior Design with Brian Patrick Flynn

I’m bringing you an interview today with one of my dear friends, Brian Patrick Flynn! For those of you who don’t know Brian, he is a television producer turned interior designer. He is completely self-taught and has evolved into an incredibly successful designer who worked his way up the ladder, honing in on his creativity, to get his name out when the industry was going through a trying time.

I quiz Brian on his journey as an interior designer, his thoughts on how far our industry has come, and the changes he has seen along the way. He’s quite the speaker and has an infectious, hilarious personality that he shares frequently on Instagram. We also delve into how he thinks about his social media content and how it affects his business, which is a great takeaway for anyone starting out.

Join us for a super fun chat this week on the podcast! Brian is so interesting to listen to, and I know you’re going to want to follow him everywhere!

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • What held Brian back from identifying as an interior designer.
  • How Brian was resourceful and creative in getting his name out into the world.
  • The reality of interior design.
  • Brian’s advice for anyone starting out their design careers.
  • Why Brian has had a lot of success.
  • Brian’s thoughts on his presence on social media and what he’s learned about speaking on Instagram.
  • Where Brian sees himself in the near future.

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