Ep #286: Are We in a Recession?

The Design You Podcast Tobi Fairley | Are We in a Recession?

We’ve spoken before about how the design industry is changing and evolving. But beyond that, the economy as a whole is presenting new challenges, and that’s causing all kinds of people to pivot in what they’re doing. So, I’m here to answer an important question: are we in a recession?

I’m hearing and seeing many interesting things going on in the design industry right now. Whether it’s in the work I do with my clients, conversations with friends in the industry, or just what I’ve observed out there in the world, people are crying out for help with navigating the current economy and they’re worried about the future. It feels like we’re in a recession, but nobody wants to name it or admit it.

Call it what you will, people are struggling right now. I’m discussing what we can do as entrepreneurs to be smart during this challenging time, why things might not improve over the next year, and I’m giving my advice on thinking differently to come out the other side of this economic turmoil strongly.


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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • The economic problems clients are coming to me for help with.
  • Why, as a luxury industry, design is suffering more than other industries.
  • How to see the other ways you can help your clients when they can’t afford your full design services.
  • The opportunities all around you at this very moment.
  • A list of things about the future of the design industry that we need to stop worrying about.
  • What getting through this difficult economic time as a designer is going to require of you.
  • How to tap into the energy of curiosity and possibility that your business needs right now.

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