Latest Podcast Episode:

Ep #227: Navigating Life’s Transitions

Latest Podcast Episode: Ep #227: Navigating Life’s Transitions

Be at home in your own life.

Get the ultimate blueprint to successfully balancing health, wealth, and the spaces you live in each day.

A 5 Step Plan to Change Your Thoughts

Be at home in your own life.

Get the ultimate blueprint to successfully balancing health, wealth, and the spaces you live in each day.

Our thoughts determine what we see…in other words, our truth. And you can’t always change YOUR truth in one step or in one try.

When you think, “I don’t know how,” you may need to shift to “I’m learning how.” When you think “this is too hard,” you might have to ask yourself “What if it were easy, what would that look like?”

And when you are confused about next steps because you are thinking “I just don’t know all the answers yet,” you will likely need to shift to the thought, “I may not know all the answers or steps, but that’s ok, I am figuring them out.”

We must ask better questions! And we MUST write all our negative thoughts down and do this work on paper. It does not work to create strategies for obstacles in our heads. We have to SEE the obstacle. It’s THAT important.

Using the Thought Model Framework

When you can identify the obstacles, and overcome them, that is far more magical than even reaching the goal. That’s when you show yourself how much power you REALLY have.

The Thought Model Framework looks like this:

  • Circumstance
  • Thought
  • Feeling
  • Action (or Inaction)
  • Result

And here’s how it works…

C: This is the circumstance line. It’s where you fill in whatever a current circumstance is.

T: This is the thought line and this is where you write a thought (or belief) about the particular circumstance that you listed above.

F: When you think the thought above in relation to the circumstance, how does it make you feel? This is where you write that feeling.

A: The A-line…it’s where we put the action (or inaction) that the feeling above moves you to take.

R: And the R-line is where you write down the result you get when you take the above action.

The model shows us that a thought creates a feeling, which leads us to an action (or inaction) that is responsible for our results. So ultimately, our thoughts create our results.

change your thoughts tobi fairley

That’s how powerful our thoughts are. And thoughts we think over and over again, as we have learned, become our beliefs. So our beliefs also create our results.

When we are being un-intentional with our thoughts and not managing our minds, this may be what our thought model about a certain weight or fitness circumstance looks like:

Circumstance: I weigh 175 pounds

Thought: I will never lose weight because it’s too hard

Feeling: Depressed, hopeless

Action: Eat carbs and watch Netflix to numb these feelings

Result: Still weigh 175 pounds or more thanks to the carbs and not getting off the couch

In the thought model, the result always proves the thought. And unfortunately, when we aren’t managing our minds, this “proof” looks like evidence to us that we will never get out of this cycle we don’t want.

For instance, in this example, the fact that the result is we still weigh 175 and we didn’t go exercise, didn’t stop eating carbs and didn’t lose weight, proves to us that it really is “too hard” and that we really will “never lose weight”. We believe this to be the truth.

But what we don’t realize is that if we picked a different thought, we could get a different result and this would no longer be our truth.

Circumstance: I weigh 175 pounds

Thought: I know how to take care of my body

Feeling: Hopeful, energized

Action: Plan healthy meals, do regular exercise, take time for self-care

Result: Feel better in my own skin and naturally end up in my most healthy weight

So often, it’s not just one thought keeping us stuck. We are usually spinning dozens of thoughts at once. So while this model above is playing out, we may also be thinking, “I don’t feel like working out” or “I’m too tired to work out” or “I have to work, I don’t have time to work out or eat right”.

And it’s the combination of all these thoughts that makes awareness even more challenging unless we practice it on purpose.

change your thoughts tobi fairley

The most important first step, if you are not getting the results you want in any area of your life, is to identify whatever you are thinking that is getting you your current results. Because, when you can become aware of your thoughts, and the results they are causing, you can change them.

Now, sometimes you can’t go from a very negative thought to a perfectly positive thought in one step. Sometimes you need a bridge thought like “I am learning that if I just exercise while I watch Netflix, even when I don’t want to, I can get closer to my weight goals”. And over time, your “I’m learning to” thoughts will become “I will” or “I do” thoughts.

It is truly as simple as that. Selecting our thoughts on purpose.

And the model doesn’t just work on our health. It works on our thoughts about our finances, our goals, our relationships–truly any thought about any part of our life can be put into the model to show us what results our thoughts are creating.

Can you see already that you have at least one negative thought in at least one area of your life that is getting you results you don’t want?

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I hope this is helpful for you! Leave me a comment below and let me know what obstacle thought you’re struggling with—and what the NEW thought you’re going to choose is, by working with the Model!





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