Mastermind Spotlight: Minhnuyet Hardy

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Today, I want to spotlight one of my Mastermind Consulting Group members, Minhnuyet Hardy – a fabulous and high-energy interior designer based in Atlanta! Minhnuyet has been such a great addition to my Mastermind Deluxe group and she has really found a unique niche to call her own, focusing on designing interiors for professional men and bachelors.


She is one of the only designers in her city to focus on that target audience. “[Last year] I started working with my first single male client, a recently divorced man with two young girls,” Minhnuyet says. “He was living in a small hotel room and needed his condo finished quickly and with everything: new furniture, linens and pots and pans and, of course, several TVs.  We had a blast and the project turned out very modern and stylish while incorporating all of his technology needs.” Minhnuyet soon found herself working with three other male clients with similar requests. “I realized that working with men was a natural fit for me,” she says. “I really understand their design aesthetic and what they want in their interiors.”


She also has teamed with a smart home technology specialist in Atlanta to help men fit all of their fun gadgets into her inviting and functional design. In addition to finding her perfect niche, Minhnuyet says her greatest triumph so far is her upcoming publicity. She will be published for the first time in Modern Luxury Men’s Book Atlanta’s March 2015 issue. “I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect magazine to feature my work!” she says.

Her biggest challenges, she says, have been pulling together her social media strategy, re-branding, and launching her new website. “I am slowly getting the hang of it, one tweet at a time. It’s fun to see a lot of high-profile men following me on Twitter,” she says. “Another challenge has been the re-branding and the new website. That was almost like having another large project on my books, so I’m glad that we are at the finish line on that chapter of my life.”

Minhnuyet has just launched her new website, which helps focus her marketing efforts toward her niche clientele. “I really want to focus on taking projects that elevate my brand and business model,” she says. “I would also like to hire a junior designer to help with projects. I am most looking forward to getting published. This was my goal this year so I am beyond excited that has come to fruition. If only I had a crystal ball to see what the future holds for me!”


Minhnuyet is married to Joe, an air and space attorney and part-time actor, and together they have two kids, Owen, 13, and Melia, 10, as well as a fur baby, a Doberman named Beatrix. Minhnuyet was born in Bien Hoa, Vietnam,and likes to hang out with her kids and travel in her spare time. “I love to visit restaurants, hotel lobbies and museums,” she says. “It just fascinates me to see different and interesting foods, cultures, art, and interiors.”

While balancing work and personal life has been a challenge for Minhnuyet since going into full-time design, she is working on hiring so she can delegate and assign tasks and have more time to spend with her family. Minhnuyet says that her biggest “a-ha” moment happened when she was traveling home from her first Mastermind session in Dallas, which was about licensing agreements and making partnerships.

“Serendipitously, the gentleman sitting next to me turned out to be the CEO of Republic Tequila. We chatted the entire plane ride back to Atlanta and we have since kept in touch. We are discussing some different ideas of how to work together,” Minhnuyet says. “Had I not attended the session, I would have never even thought about partnering with such a company. Tobi’s classes and coaching have opened my eyes to new ideas and thoughts about my design business.  Her coaching is really worth the investment of your time and money, she is truly a very smart and savvy businesswoman.”

Aren’t Minhnuyet’s designs gorgeous? And she really is proof that knowing your niche, and really keeping your focus on it, can propel your business into the stratosphere!









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Tobi ‘Hearts’ Traditional Home

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I LOVE Valentine’s Day! And I really really love Traditional Home magazine! How do those two things go together? Well this weekend I am taking over Traditional Home’s Instagram account, starting at 5pm today!

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 3.17.28 PM

I love celebrations of any kind, but Valentine’s Day is truly one of my very favorite holidays. In fact, each year I send Valentine’s Day cards instead of Christmas cards – it’s more fun to surprise people with a little token in the middle of a cold February. My cards usually feature my sweet little girl, too, and this weekend I’ll be celebrating with her, I’m sure with lots of flowers, hearts, and sweet treats.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 1.50.57 PM

So follow along with me all weekend as I share the LOVE on Traditional Home’s Instagram account! I promise we’ll have fun!








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New House Diary: Dining Room Seating

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New House Diary

One of the things I’m most looking forward to when I finish the design of my house is having friends and family come over for dinner or a party. I love to host events at my house, so I want to get the dining room just right so I can seat the perfect number of guests at any time. But what is that “perfect number?”

Some people say that having a table that seats six is the perfect number, others think it’s eight or even ten. And I even know of a friend or two who insist they must have seating at their table for no less than twelve! That calls for a big table, and a bigger dining room than I have. But I do think that ten might be my perfect number.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.10.02 AM

If I stick with an oval table in my new dining room, I think I can make it work, even with a buffet or china cabinet in the room. And each person will still have the optimum space of two feet that you need at a dining table so the guests feel comfortable, and not like they’re sitting on top of each other.

What do you think of my plan? And what is your idea of the perfect number of guests that can fit around your dining table? Do you like a smaller and more intimate group, or a big social crowd? Let me know in the comments below!








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Which Would You Choose: China Hutch or Buffet?

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I am sitting in a client’s gorgeous dining room with beautiful de Gournay wallpaper and stunning antiques, and it’s inspiring me to think about my own dining room. In the room I’m in right now, there is space for both a buffet and a china cabinet. I hope to fit them both in my dining room, but if I can’t, which would you choose? A buffet or a china cabinet?

Alley Shoot 09 005 copy

A buffet can give you a cleaner look because most of your items are hidden behind doors and drawers. But if you have collections, like my jadeite and antique oyster plates, you want to display them so you can enjoy them.

So which would you choose? Would you go with the clean-lined buffet, or with the displays you can get with a china cabinet?

Let me know in the comments below! And tell me why you made your selection!

Happy Wednesday!








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Tobi TV: Choosing the Perfect Bed

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day – a day to celebrate love and romance! The one room in your house associated with romance is, of course, the bedroom. So on Tobi TV today, I want to talk about creating the perfect bedroom, specifically with the right size of bed.

Did you know that we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed?! WOW! And we take so much time to select the perfect sheets and bedding for our comfortable beds, but how much time do you really spend thinking about which bed you should be using?

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 6.05.14 AM

The size of the bed is so important in home decor. Using the correct bed size for each bedroom in your home will help you create gorgeous AND functional spaces.

Let’s take a look at some ways to try these beds on for size:

They all look so comfortable! Here’s a recap of those bed size tips.

1. Twin beds function well in guest rooms for all ages and genders.

2. Day beds are perfect for multifunctional spaces like an office/guest room.

3. Queen-size beds are beautiful and make a perfect set for a guest suite. It’s also the most popular size for bedrooms across the country.

4. King beds are not only the most comfy and roomy, they are the perfect way to make a grand statement in a large room. But be sure you have the room for this grand size, or your bedroom will feel crowded.

Bed sizes make all the difference when trying to make the most of your space. Which size do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below and make all your rooms function no matter the size!

Bonne nuit!








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