Before and After: Master Bedroom

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I couldn’t let this day get away from me without bringing you another fabulous before and after. This time we are in the Master Bedroom of my client’s project that was recently featured in Traditional Home Magazine.

Nov 2008 031

The original bedroom layout had the bed facing the view, although the window treatments didn’t really allow for much of a view. And it also placed the bed to the side of you when you entered the space instead of allowing you to see to front of the bed which is my favorite placement whenever possible.


In the after, I used the angled wall just past the bed to anchor a gorgeous seating area that is much more appropriate now for enjoying the view. The new panel molding and two-tone paint choice make the walls more architecturally interesting. So what did I do with the wall that originally held the bed? Well though you can’t see it in these photos, it now holds the television and a cabinet below.

Nov 2008 032

In the before, opposite the entrance to the room was home to the television and an entertainment cabinet that didn’t work well with the high ceilings and light color palette.


The after takes advantage of the lofty ceilings by incorporating a tall 4-poster bed and lovely floral drapery hung just below the crown molding. These design selections really emphasize the height of the room but the fabric and textures help to make the room cozy and warm.


And though I don’t have a before shot of the wall to the left of the new bed, here’s the after. A great desk area is always a functional addition to a bedroom. It’s great for working on your laptop, writing thank you notes and more.

So what do you think? Another dramatic transformation, right? Leave me a comment and let me know what you love most about the new and improved Master Bedroom design. And if you love this before and after, be sure to share it with your friends. They just might like it too.

Happy Friday Friends! xo,

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New House Diary: Those Little Extras

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New House Diary

As we work through the kitchen in my new house, I want to be sure that I have plenty of organization and storage in my design. Those extra touches can add an enormous amount of function to a kitchen, and now is the time for me to add those ideas to my plan.

One of my favorite solutions for a high-functioning kitchen is plenty of pull-out storage, including drawers for pots and pans, knife drawers that tuck into unused space, and more. I really love the two images below with under-sink storage for cleaning supplies that uses every square inch of the space. It’s so much easier than the black hole of kitchen products that always results from the typical cabinet doors under the sink.

Luxe Source

(image from Luxe source)


(image from Valcucine Logica via Houzz)

The cook and baker in me adores the idea of a drawer for sugar, flour and other dry ingredients. Of course they would need a lid but this idea is genius!


(image from Maison & Demeure)

Keeping my spices organized drives me mad, but a drawer to organize them would bring me right back to my happy place.


(image from Pinterest, source unknown)

I love cabinet pop-ups for small appliances. I use my kitchen aide mixer, toaster and other smalls on a daily and weekly basis but I also crave a clean countertop. These cabinet pull-outs and pop-ups would be the perfect solution.


(image from Better Homes and Gardens)

My glass baking dishes always stick together when I stack them inside one another. How about a drawer for these baking dishes? Yes, please!


(image from

Dreamy, organized kitchen cabinets like these make me want to  jump for joy. How about you?


(image from Sortrachen)

What extra touches and storage ideas would you add to your kitchen if you could? How would you reorganize? I’d love to hear your ideas to help me make this the most functional kitchen I’ve ever had, so be sure to leave a comment and let me know what’s on your kitchen wish list.



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Which Would You Choose: Wall Ovens or Range with Ovens?

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I love to cook and bake so my ovens are very important to me. In my new kitchen every inch of space counts, so I am debating wall ovens vs. a range with double ovens below.

So which would you choose…

Built-in double wall ovens?


Or a 48″ professional range with double ovens below?


And would the addition of Thermador’s snazzy blue knobs persuade you to pick the range with ovens beneath? They sure are enticing to me.


Leave me a comment and tell which you’d select if it were your kitchen. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


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Tobi TV: Functional Family Rooms

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It’s Tobi TV Tuesday. Last week you all fell in love with the before and after of this great family room. So now let’s see how the room really functions for an active family.

family room

Whether your room is large like this one or much smaller, all my tips for making your space function will still apply. Take a look…

As always, here are my Tobi’s Top Tips for Functional Family Rooms…

1. Multiple seating groupings in a room help you take advantage of all your square footage. Think about creating “conversation areas” within your space.

2. Swing arm lamps add the perfect amount of light for reading and are great when there isn’t enough room for tables and lamps.

3. Ottomans floating in your space can be pulled up to a variety of chairs and sofas or stand alone as an additional seat. They add comfortable resting spots for feet when it’s time to relax.

4. Swivel chairs are perfect for swiveling towards the television or swiveling back into a conversation area, or two!

5. Recliners that look like club chairs are the perfect combination of comfort and style.

Try including these tips and techniques into your family room for the ultimate in function and beauty. Now leave me a comment and let me know which of these tips really resonate with you. And be sure to share this post with all your design-loving friends.

Happy Tuesday Y’all. xo,

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Selfcare Saturday: Love your Body Like Your Mother Would

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Since it’s  Mother’s Day weekend, this great quote by Kris Carr, an amazing woman living with cancer, caught my eye. Many of us are mothers and know how we care to nourish and protect our children. But what would happen if we cared for our bodies that same way? What if every time we talked to ourselves in a less than kind way, complained about how we look or how we feel, thought “I wish I was smaller”, or healthier or younger…what if in those moments we looked at ourselves like the sweet little ones we used to be? What if we looked at ourselves through the eyes of a mother? Would that change the way we treated ourselves?


This is the only body that we are ever going to have. So we can either take care of it, or someone else will have to with surgery, drugs and more. Is that what we really want? So much sickness and pain can be avoided if we take the time to care for ourselves.  Our mothers aways said “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, right? I know my mom did.

Blue Sky wallpaper

So on this Self-care Saturday I am spending the day taking care of my body. Because just last week my own mom said she could tell that I wasn’t taking care of myself the way I should be and I heard her loud and clear.  Yep…my mother told me to and she’s a pretty smart lady.  Besides, my creative and entrepreneurial mind needs a place to live.

Happy Self-care Saturday to all of you, especially if you are a mom! Take some time this weekend to take care of yourself. You deserve it!




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