Give Your Audience the Value They Really Want

Learn how to offer value to your future—and create offerings and content they’re willing to pay you money for.

Friend, I have got something for you! If you’re like me, you have LOTS of great ideas. Maybe you want to offer a new course, a one-on-one service, a subscription box, or whatever cool thing has you excited at the moment. And then you create it and put it out into the world…and no one […]

Creating Content that Converts

My guide on how to create content that converts as a creative entrepreneur and designer so you can grow your email list.

Hello friend, I was one of the first in my industry to start blogging and social media a few years back. And it got me nationwide attention! But the rules have changed now and it’s a noisy landscape out there… Do you ever feel like you should be blogging, Instagramming, making videos – doing something […]