Ep #86: From Zero to a Multimillion-Dollar Business with Sigrun

From Zero to a Multimillion-Dollar Business with Sigrun

I have a great interview for you on the podcast today, friends! Sigrun is an amazing business woman whose mission is to accelerate gender equality through female entrepreneurship. She was drawn to leadership roles even as a young girl and spent many years running and growing large companies all over Europe until she decided it wasn’t her dream.

Sigrun is talking us through what she believes is the key to helping women feel empowered and have an impact on others, and ultimately go after their goals. She has grown her online business from zero to now multimillion dollars and growing evermore, and she’s generously sharing her insights on the mistakes she made early on in trying to create a scalable business.

Join us today as Sigrun shares so much of her knowledge and passion for how we female entrepreneurs can reach success and feel empowered doing so. Her message is straightforward and drama-free, so I know you’re going to love her.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • Why Sigrun is so passionate about helping women feel empowered and have an impact.
  • What Sigrun believes is effective in helping women chase after their dreams.
  • The mistakes Sigrun experienced as she was building her online business.
  • What we mean by scalable businesses and where creatives tend to struggle with this.
  • The lessons Sigrun learned in the beginning of running her business.
  • Sigrun’s tips for how to start going after your goals.

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