Ep #235: Why Words Matter with Heidi Metro

This week I’m bringing you an amazing conversation with my friend Heidi Metro. We’ve been going through equity-centered leadership training together for well over a year, and it’s been incredible. In a recent session, Heidi philosophized over the word “plenty” and I knew I had to get her onto the show to dive deeper into the words and language we use. We have an opportunity to flip the script and take responsibility for the way we speak about our lives, and this episode is all about that.

Heidi Metro is the Founder and CEO of Lead From Within. She provides coaching and consulting to high achievers and deep feelers to help them develop the clarity, confidence, and drive they need to become the leaders of their lives, careers, and communities. She joins me this week to share how she helps her clients trust their inner knowing and explain exactly why our words matter so much.

Join us this week as we discuss the language we use to talk about ourselves and our businesses and why it matters. We talk about everything we are unlearning and relearning, the reason we fall into scarcity so often, and joy that comes from a new paradigm of leadership.

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • The importance of the word ‘plenty.’
  • How Heidi helps leaders trust their inner knowing.
  • Our thoughts on leadership and how these new approaches benefit us and our businesses.
  • The differences in leadership now compared to what so many of us have learned.
  • What confidence is, how it shows up in your business and the importance of it.
  • How I have shifted out of the old leadership paradigm.
  • The importance of sharing responsibility with your team.

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