Ep #269: Why You Need a Trademark with Kelli Jones

The Design You Podcast Tobi Fairley | Why You Need a Trademark with Kelli Jones

Is your brand name secure? Entrepreneurs often think that because they have an LLC, their brand is protected. However, continuing to build a brand on a name you don’t actually own could cost you a fortune, or even force you into an expensive rebrand. So, to help you avoid this happening to you, I’m speaking to trademark lawyer Kelli Jones on today’s show.

Kelli Jones is a virtual lawyer for entrepreneurs and business owners, specializing in contracts and trademarks. She started her firm during the pandemic and her main goal is to help make the legal side of owning a business a little less boring while encouraging legal protection to save her clients time, money, and stress.

Tune in this week to discover how a trademark will protect the future of your brand. Kelli is discussing how trademarks work, how to see the strength of the brand name you’re trying to trademark, and the three questions that will help you decide whether you need to trademark your brand soon before it’s too late.


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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • What a trademark actually is and how it protects your brand.
  • Why trademarking your brand is super important for creative entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • 3 questions to help you decide whether you need a trademark right now.
  • The costs and timelines of filing for a trademark.
  • Why filing for your trademark early can save you a fortune.
  • How long it takes to register a trademark, the associated costs, and what you can expect from this process.

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