Ep #168: Improving Inclusivity, Accessibility and Sustainability in Design-Build with David Supple

The Design You Podcast with Tobi Fairley | Improving Inclusivity, Accessibility and Sustainability in Design-Build with David Supple

The movement towards more sustainable designs and builds is something I’m super fascinated by and something we’re seeing more and more of. As I learned from my guest today, the design-build process, and specifically architecture, has a hidden history that few of us are aware of, but it’s shifting towards a more sustainable and transparent model.

David Supple is the CEO of New England Design + Construction, one of Boston’s leading luxury design-build firms. What sets his firm apart is David’s passion for bringing the architect and the builder back together, and the truths about this industry that college textbooks avoid. As an author, speaker, and humanitarian, David’s research on the history of architecture is sure to blow your mind like it did mine.

Tune in this week to hear my conversation with David all about the history of design-build and architecture, and why it’s so important for those of us in the industry to know it. We talk about his firm’s mission to embrace accountability and lead the way in more sustainable builds. Learn why the connection between designer and builder is so important, why it’s been missing, and how to take this knowledge into your next project.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • Why it’s so important for designers and builders to work together.
  • How the history of architecture is laced with classism and racism.
  • David’s new lens on this industry and how it impacts the work he does.
  • The problem with working with architects who don’t build.
  • What a passive home is and how we can start seeing more of them.
  • How to make design and build more sustainable, accessible, and inclusive.

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