Ep #18: Showing Up for Yourself

If you’re listening to this podcast, I know you’re someone who is seeking information and ideas to help you grow, to become a better version of yourself. That’s awesome! Hurray for you! But on this journey of becoming the best you possible, are you showing up for yourself or are you only focusing on how you show up for others?

Most of us have stellar integrity when it comes to keeping our word to others: Our word means everything. We would never let anyone else down, right?  So why do so many of us struggle, year after year, to keep our word to ourselves? You might be surprised to learn that you are receiving some sort of benefit from breaking your commitments.

On today’s episode, I talk about why we don’t show up for ourselves and how that affects how we feel about ourselves… and the cycle of thoughts that breeds. Learn how to identify how you’re benefitting from not following through on your commitments and the stepping stone to showing up for yourself in order to break the habit now!

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • A few reasons why some of us don’t show up for ourselves.
  • The personal consequences of not following through on promises we make to ourselves.
  • How to identify what benefit you’re receiving from not keeping your word to yourself.
  • Why all-or-nothing isn’t the answer to starting new habits.
  • An awesome life hack that will help you show up for yourself.

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